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 Toronto Businesses

Good Food and Care Packages Inc. - From Gift Baskets, to personal and corporate Care Boxes of pantry items, to snack assortment trays and party favour bags for special events, we are eager to help you out with delicious food.

Good Catch General Store - Parkdale's newest and only General Store.

Stargazer Studios - A customer service-oriented body art studio offering services in body piercing, mehendi (henna body art), temporary tattoo design and application, gold leaf appliqué, Aromatherapy consultations, Hot Stone Therapy massage, Reiki III, and courses in body piercing and basic aromatherapy.


- a local search engine for businesses in the Toronto area.

- a local Toronto area directory of businesses. Uses google map to show business locations.

 Alternative News & Opinion

Canadian Political News
Progressive Bloggers - " alliance of Canadian political blogs aimed to express and promote progressive ideas." (- Wikipedia). Updated a few times a day. - "... features some of the best progressive writers in Canada. ... rabble publishes columns from some of the few progressive voices in mainstream media ...  and reprints articles you wouldn't want to miss from other alternative publications." ( Updated every day or two

International & American News
News Now: Behind The News - This is an obscure news feed that collects stories from all over. It is updated every few minutes. It is part of News Now UK. Behind The News is the collection of alternative (sometimes extreme one way or the other) news that often shows different sides to large current event stories. And sometimes it gives you news on stories that seem like they should be very big, but the mainstream media won't touch.

 Geek News (Computers & Electronic Technology)

The Inquirer - "News, reviews, facts and friction"  This is an excellent site from the UK. Frequently updated with news on bleeding-edge technology and more (software, hardware, business, fun, etc).

Cybernet Technology News - Mainly computer-related news, reviews and advice. Updated a few times a day.

Lifehacker - A mix of computer, technology and general living tips, news, and reviews. Updated a few times a day.

Digg - Computer technology, technology, and various other news. Updated daily.

Honourable Mention
Maximum PC - The BEST magazine on bleeding-edge computer hardware (mainly focused on gaming equipment). Although I don't frequent their web site, they do have some good reviews and guides there. I buy their magazine every month and read it cover to cover. If you are a serious geek into bleeding-edge hardware, this is the magazine for you. There used to be a lot of really good PC magazines out there (magazines that gave you tons of reviews and advice on  personal computers), but now there are only 2 - this one and PC World (which has a very useful site too). Most other magazines pale in comparison to these when it comes to the topics they cover. A lot of the other good PC magazines turned into corporate IT mags and became useless to the individual PC geek.

 Environmental and Green Lifestyle

Treehugger - Green lifestyle, environmental issues & technology, and alternative energy. Updated daily.

Hugg - Green news (pretty much the same as above, but many different stories. Updated daily.

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