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Thor Tech Support rates are generally less expensive than most other tech support companies. We have a very low overhead cost, so we pass this savings on to you. (See Better Quality, Lower Prices)

Taxes - my rates listed do not include the applicable taxes.

 Personal & Small Business Rates

Please call or email for a free estimate. The basic rate is $35/hr. Here are a couple of examples:

Case Studies

1) $35 - $70

Cleaning up and securing a computer is between $35 and $70 on average. This job entails: installation of good anti-virus and anti-spyware software, antivirus and spyware scans and removals, removal of unwanted software, configuring software for optimum performance and quick start-up. Included in all first-time service calls for this type of work is a free Thor Tech Support resource disc, which includes a maintenance checklist and tips on how to keep your computer running smoothly and securely, and a number of free applications (Internet, media, security, productivity and utility applications).

2) $35 - $70
Purchase Consulting. Finding a component or system that meets your needs, is of good quality, and at a low price. Generally, the fee for purchase consulting for a component is $35, which may include pick-up and delivery, and $70 for a system or laptop, which may include assistance at the point of purchase (meeting you at the store to ensure you are getting the right components, and possibly assisting you to carry it home).

3) $70
A specific job: The client had computer security concerns, particularly regarding his familys' use of instant messaging. He was also interested in trying the Firefox browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer. During the consultation, other security and configuration issues arose that I was able to address promptly. Below is a short list of the work performed and the fee charged, which is presented as an example of an entry-level consultation session
  • Installed anti-virus program, updated and configured the program, un-installed other anti-virus program. Ran anti-virus scan.
  • Installed and configured firewall program
  • Un-installed Acrobat Reader, installed Foxit (alternative to Acrobat Reader)
  • Installed, updated, configured 2 anti-spyware programs, and scanned for spyware, trojans, and other malicious programs.
  • Installed Firefox browser, some of its useful extensions, and configured it for the clients' needs.
  • Installed and configured a security program that helps keep the computer secure when using an instant messenger program
  • Taught the client the basics of using, updating and scanning with the above programs. This is an important part of all my consultations of this type: education.
  •  Walked the client through attaching and sending a file with a web-based email program.
  • Provided the client with a CD (included free with every first visit) which contained many of the recommended free programs on the Tips page. The CD also contained documentation giving a brief description and link to the home page for each program.
  • Provided follow-up support via phone/email related to all the software that I installed, un-installed or changed on the client's computer. This follow-up services is included free after each visit.
Total charge: $70

4) $70 - $140
Virus/Spyware removal
.Depending on the severity, this usually takes about 2 to 4 hours

5) $35 - $70
Data Recovery
If I can recover it, this is usually only about $35-$70. If I can't recover it, there is a basic charge of $35 for the diagnostics and recommendation


 Business Rates

Call for rates and estimates. Less expensive than most other tech support companies.

Travel Fee

There is a small travel fee for on-site work that is far from downtown Toronto.

Telephone, Email and Remote Support

The rate for this support is 58 per minute.
Through phone and email support, I can walk you through solving basic problems or workarounds for emergencies.
Or, if your internet connection is working and you have a high-speed connection, I can connect remotely and do the work on your computer and show you  how to do things on your computer

Billing for this is via email and sent at the end of each month. The minumum charge per month is $10.

 Billing and Payment

Currently, I accept payment in cash or personal cheque and email money transfer. Note exception: I only accept cash for jobs where the client drops off a computer for repair.

Normally, payment is due upon completion of the job. If I am picking up parts or a system for you, payment is required in advance.

For telephone and email support work, you will be sent an invoice, either by email, or by regular mail at the end of the month. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

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