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Hardware and software maintenance, repair, upgrading, installation and optimization.

Operating Systems supported: All Windows versions, and all Mac versions, and some Linux.


Thor Tech Support can tune up your computer to make it fast, clean and secure.

With a maintenance visit, we can:

  • speed up a slow computer
  • optimize the performance of an old computer
  • secure the computer and remove bugs (viruses, spyware and such)
  • show you how to keep your system clean and fast
  • check and fix minor problems before they build into serious problems

Maintenance checks can include (depending on your specific needs):

  • scan for and remove viruses
  • scan for and remove spyware
  • defragmentation
  • optimization, and boot-up optimization
  • remove un-needed programs from start-up
  • remove un-wanted software
  • install security software
  • ensure that system settings are configured for optimum performance
  • teach you how to use/update important security programs (most of the updating and security features will be automated, but there are a few simple manual procedures that need to be done occasionally).
  • show you how to deal with and reduce SPAM
Thor Tech Support can also introduce you to programs (freeware, and open-source freeware) that can enhance and improve your computing experience (browsing the Internet, using email, increasing your computer security, among other things).

Regular Maintenance
Schedule to have your computer given a regular tune-up (1 to 4 times per year).
On a regular maintenance visit, we can make sure your computer
  • is free of viruses, spyware and the like
  • is up to date with its security (Windows operating system, anti-virus, anti-spyware programs and firewall)
  • is performing at optimum speed
and make any necessary adjustments, scans and solve problems that may have cropped up since the last maintenance visit.



Thor Tech Support can

  • remove viruses and spyware

  • Repair problems that other family members, friends or a so-called computer expert may have caused

  • Data recovery - restore accidentally deleted files (if not already overwritten), or access files that have become inaccessible.
  • Password recovery and/or resetting (for user account/operating system, BIOS, and more)
  • Diagnose system failures (hardware and software)

  • Make the computer start up again by repairing corrupted or missing system files or drivers
  • Make necessary repairs

  • Determine if an upgrade is needed or not.

  • Install necessary component upgrades

  • Clean up serious software and hardware problems and get your system working like new again

  • Repair problems with an internet connection, and wireless and non-wired router



Learn how to get the most out of your computer.

Thor Tech Support can give you in-depth lessons on various computer programs (basics and advanced), from operating systems (Windows), to office suite programs, graphics programs, Internet programs, how to schedule backups, use electronic devices (like digital cameras, recorders) that plug into your computer, show you shortcuts, etc.



Thor Tech Support can help you determine exactly what you need, the best you can get for the price you can afford, find where to get the component for a low price, and install it. Installation includes installing the component, and, if necessary, updating and configuring the software driver. 


 Purchase Consulting

Finding you the best system at the best price1

Buying a new computer can be a daunting task unless you keep up to date on the latest technology and the latest prices at the stores. The price range on an equivalent system can be quite large from store to store. There is also a large variety in the quality of the components that go into a computer system. If you go out to the nearest big computer store, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars more for a system than you would at another store somewhere else in the city. You could also end up getting a lot of parts that are beyond your needs, or, on the other hand, you could end up getting some inferior components that you'll end up having to replace soon after the purchase.

How do you decide what to get? If you leave it up to the store clerk, you could end up getting a system that satisfies the clerk's commission instead of your needs and budget.

This is where Thor Tech Support can help. We find out what you need, and then find the best deal that meets your needs. You then make the purchase knowing you are getting what you want for a good price.

1. Interview

First, we interview you to find out exactly what you need your computer to do (now, as well as in the near future).

2. Research and Quote

With this information, we can determine the minimum components you will need. Then, we research and investigate systems and components at stores that have good prices and stores that have the components and systems that fit your needs. When the right system at the right price is found, you get a quote on the system.

3. Purchase

Once satisfied with the quote, TTS will order the system for you at the store and let you know when it will be ready for pickup.

Why Get A System Through Thor Tech Support Instead of a Brand Name System? 

  • A Thor Tech Support built system is generally lower priced than a relative brand-name system.
  • Thor Tech Support built systems have all around higher-quality components (which means they will last longer and there is less need for repairs).
  • Thor Tech Support built systems use standard components, so it is easier to upgrade components and to get replacement parts. Brand name systems are often built with custom components so it is  much more expensive and more difficult to get the replacement/upgrade components (after your warranty runs out).
  • Thor Tech Support built systems are built with upgrading in mind, so it is easier to add new components to boost your performance in the future.


 System Building

We can custom build a system for you to exactly suit your needs, ensuring quality assembly, and at the right price.

Maybe you want more in a system than what the stores can offer, especially if you want a very powerful machine. Stores don't always offer the best all-round systems. And, although they do offer to custom build systems, they have limitations on what you can exchange in terms of parts in each system. Also, assembly done at the store is not always of the highest standards. Sometimes components are loose or something is not connected for optimum performance. By getting Thor Tech Support to custom build a system, you will get the system you want, assembled properly, for the best price. 

To get the highest quality components through and through, TTS can custom build a system for you. It might be a little more expensive than the best closest deal you can get from a store system, but you will get a higher quality and longer-lasting system. You can chose individual components that will stay current longer and perform better overall. And with TTS assembling the components and building the system, proper quality assembly is also assured. 

TTS finds the individual components at the best prices and puts the system together. You can pick up the components we've found, or get us to pick them up for you – you get the receipts and the parts & labour warranties either way.

If most of the components are coming from one store, often the store will assembly those parts for free. TTS will inspect the assembly and install the rest of the parts in the system. 



Have your computer hooked up and have the operating system installed and configured the way you want it.

Set Up
Thor Tech Support can plug in the peripheral components and arrange your computer where and how you want it so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to hook it up.

Operating System
If the operating system has not been installed, TTS can install and update and configure it for you.

Other Software
If you have other software to install, TTS can install and configure this too.

We can also recommend software that would best suit your needs. There are more choices than ever today, including an ever-growing number of open-source freeware programs. Many of these programs are quite competitive when compared to similar commercial software today. Also, see the Tips page of this site for some of the recommended software.


TTS can configure your computer hardware and software to work the way you want it to, and configure the settings to remove annoyances.

Default Settings

Default settings for most programs are not always configured in a very useful way. Many people lose time every day due to the annoying default settings. But it doesn't have to be this way. Thor Tech Support can configure your software settings to suit your needs (not to what the software makers think your needs are). 

New Computer Issues

New computers often come with software installed, but they leave it up to you to configure the settings for the operating system and the other programs. And, new computers also often come with a lot of advertising-related software pre-installed that clutters up your computer and can become an annoyance. TTS can remove the useless software and configure the programs and operating system settings to suit you.

There are a number of issues to be considered with a new computer:

The computer came with some software, but will these programs fit your needs? Are there other programs you might want to use? What should you get and how do you set it up? 

Have you chosen an Internet service provider (ISP)? How do you chose one? There are many wrong choices and few right ones.

Is your system fully and properly secured against the risks and threats it can come up against on the Internet and from discs? There are more threats to computer security today, especially via the Internet, than in decades past. Hackers, viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, SPAM, SPIM, ... the list goes on.

TTS can make recommendations for what software to use as well as install and configure it so you can be productive, safe and have the user interface customized to your preferences.

Some things to consider for your new computer: 
  • Productivity software (wordprocessor for writing, graphics programs for drawing, layouts and image manipulation, spreadsheets for accounting and various business needs, databases, presentation programs, and other software for work, school or personal needs)
  • Internet - browsers, email, an ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Security - anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-spam software to keep you secure and maintain your privacy
  • Multimedia - media players, file format converters, CD/DVD burning software 
  • Games
Thor Tech Support can recommend software as well as install and configure it for you.

Other Services

Design work in the following:
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Mailing lists
  • Basic web site design and maintenance
  • Graphic Design and layout

Non-Computer-Tech Services

  • DJ
  • Stage Manager
  • Photography
  • Business administration and management consultant
  • Writing and editing manuals and reports
  • Bicycle repair/maintenance


1Best prices within the downtown core of Toronto. This is where you usually find the most competitive prices in Toronto.



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