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  Talent can be very hard to find when you need it, so years ago I got in the habit of talent scouting. I try to match singers with players or otherwise help them out whenever I can. It's very handy to know where the pros are, but I especially keep an eye out for 'undiscovered' talent as I can make a greater difference to them. If you know of anyone you think I should check out or if you know of any venues looking for bands to play, drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.

People I've played with in various bands

1984 BMW 318i Blackboard Nails

Michael Wilson - bass, guitar, vocals
Nora Sobalov - guitar, vocals
Claire Thompson - keyboards, vocals
Valerie Pereboom - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Donna Petty - vocals
Peter Kozak - drums
Stephen Potter - keyboards
Ken Hoffman - sax
J.B. Polnicky - keyboards
Steve Kennedy - guitar, vocals
Mary Jo Murphy - vocals
Marie-France Robert - vocals
Scott Bradley - keyboards, sax, flute, vocals
Steve Brandy - drums
Damien Ladd - guitar
Tim Gautreau - drums, vocals
Brian Gaston - guitar, vocals
Catherine Miranda - vocals
Gary Moore - vocals
Kevin Wright - keyboards, vocals
Tom Krukowski - drums
Will Burton - drums
Don Dunphy - drums, guitar, vocals
Peter Kornherr - bass, vocals
Dan Lacasse - drums, vocals
Ginette Hamilton-Bood - vocals
Peter Tahan - bass, vocals
Wayne Palmer - drums, vocals
Benoit Bourdage Palmer - drums
Rob Martin - guitar

Shuggie Gallacher & the Dirty Jacks

Shuggie Gallacher - keyboards, guitar, drums, vocals
Peter Tahan - bass, guitar, vocals
Paul Kolbe - drums, keyboards, vocals

Twisted 2

Peter Kornherr - bass, vocals
Sylvia Kornherr - vocals
Kevin Wright - keyboards, vocals
Brian Crapper - guitar, vocals
Tom Barrington - drums, vocals

Ginette Hamilton-Bood

Time Travellers Jazz Quartet

Ginette Hamilton-Bood - vocals
Bert Waslander - piano
Howard Tweddle - bass, piano

Rhythm Chicken

Valerie Pereboom - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Michael Wilson - bass, guitar, vocals
Kevin Wright - keyboards, vocals
Dan Lacasse - drums, vocals
Marc Spenard - guitar, vocals
Rob Coplan - keyboards, vocals

Frank Lindo

Frank Lindo's Soul Review

Frank Lindo - guitar, vocals
Louis Trepanier - guitar, vocals
Daniel Beriault - bass, flute
Nic Carey - keyboards, vocals
Lorne Kelly - drums
Budi Kibayi - guitar, vocals
Ginette Hamilton-Bood - vocals
Johanne McCann- vocals

Ottawa, Ontario in the Seventies

Mike Newcombe - guitar, vocals
Lissa Tomassi - guitar, vocals
Scott Bradley - flute, sax, keyboards
Jim Chevrier - drums
Ted O'Ray- guitar
Mark Ledger - bass
Pat - vocals
Dan Miller - bass
Don MacDonald - drums, vocals
Mark Campeau - bass, vocals

Quebec Eastern Townships in the Seventies

Terry Ladd - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
John Cymbaluk - guitar, vocals
Donald Jolander - drums, vocals
Paul Kolbe - drums, keyboards, vocals
Kim Fletcher - bass
Rob Laurie - guitar, vocals
Marc Healy - guitar, sax, vocals
Larry Comeau - guitar, bass, vocals
Clement Duquette - guitar
Normand Rodrigue - sax
Marc Brousseau - bass, guitar
Pascal Mailloux - keyboards
Gilles Dumoulin - guitar, vocals
Rejean Dumoulin - vocals
Doug Aitkin - guitar, vocals
Michael Wilson - bass
Sharon Cook - piano, vocals
Tanya Grant - vocals
Peter Heavysege - drums
Ritchie Leggett - keyboards, drums, vocals

* * *

... my apologies to the people I've missed ...
(this list does not include the many people I've jammed with)

Left-handed & right-handed

September 18, 1975.
... I imagine this pre-dates Michael Angelo ...
Photo by Stephen MacDougall

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