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Welcome to our families Disney site.

Hi and welcome to my families Disney site. We are Walt Disney World enthusiasts. We first started going down to Walt Disney World in the fall of 1991. It was their 20th Anniversary and at that time we decided to come back for the 25th Anniversary. We couldn't wait and in the spring of 1993, we made our second visit. In April of 1995, special arrangements for the whole family (parents, brother, sister and their families) to made the trip with our family in the year 2000. In October of 1996 we made our third visit, for the 25th Anniversary. Deciding that the trip in 2000 was too far off, we went down in March of 1998. Well Christmas 1999 has come and we're off to WDW once again. This time my parents and niece were the only ones to join us. The pages that follow are bits of our trips, routes that took us there, prices and comments. The best thing to do is stay at one of the Disney Resorts. If you have stayed at any of the resorts or been to WDW and like to add your thoughts to our page, please sign in.

So sit back and enjoy the tour.

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