Just wanted to let you know that Kandie and I just spoke with the SLGI client and they are very happy
with the videos so far! They are getting lots of great buzz internally as well. Thanks for all the hard work and
working under the tight timelines.  
Ever Onward!  
Mary Inksater, Vice President, Planning and Client Service Wickware Communications

"I asked Trevor to help with the graphic design of a large scale, time-sensitive, and complex e-learning project I was entrusted with. He took some of the heavy burden off my shoulders by following my storyboards to the letter and submitting his work well before the deadlines. I would recommend Trevor for any project that calls for creative experience, close attention to instructions, and extra short development cycles."
Iva Baltova

"Trevor's work has an appealing visual style and a professional design. He has a detailed and organized approach and is a hard worker. A pro."
Cathryn Schmidt

"Trevor brings tremendous imagination and humour with him to any project. I would always recommend his work and will look forward to our future collaborations."
Jennifer Flint - Three In a Box UK rep

"I wanted to say that your work is unbelievable. You have taken my vision and brought it to life. The logo is 100% of what I wanted and the illustrations are also 100% plus more. Thankyou! The response to our concept has been extremely positive. Thankyou so much! You have so far delivered 110%. The more I look at your work the more I am impressed."
Jason Bailey, Waggers pet food

" Thanks very much. This is absolutely perfect. Lovely work, and the ideas you added are just right. I hope we get an opportunity to work together again. "
Max Boam