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Welcome to TMA

TMA - Technology Management Associates Ltd. is an Ottawa-based consulting firm focussing on research-based private and public sector organizations.

Since 1994, we have helped our clients address strategic challenges related to innovation, research programs and new technology initiatives.

We carry out specialized research studies for our clients including literature reviews, market surveys, policy analysis, and business intelligence.

One of our unique tools is the Dynamic Technology Workshop (DTW), a powerful group discussion process based on applied creativity and the Harvard case study method.

TMA has used this technique over a wide spectrum of technology and R&D issues. Our success to date has been remarkable. In many cases we arrive at eye-opening conclusions in just a few hours. Problems are spelled out and dissected with surprising speed and clarity. Achieving consensus around the right solution path is easy after that.

This gives clients shorter execution times, reduced risks, increased productivity and maximum value.

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