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Bill Carson

On bass and vocals, from Hanover, Ontario, Bill is a founding member of Northern City Limits. A farm loan manager by day, he has also been part of "Shades of Blue" and "Blackwell Sideroad" bluegrass bands and the country group "Gold Dust". A serious car accident in early 1996 and a leg cast didn't keep Bill off stage during the summer festival season, perched on a stool - the only "sit-down" stand-up acoustic bass player in bluegrass. You can reach Bill and Diane by email at:

Paul Hurdle

On banjo and baritone vocals, from London, Ontario, Paul is also a founding member of the group and owns a successful design-and-build business. He has performed with such well-known musicians as The Good Brothers, guitarist David Essig and Bert Baumbach, lead vocalist of London's Dixie Flyers. Paul has also been a member of "Rural Retreat", "Blackwell Sideroad" and "Shades of Blue". In 1991, he received a Bluegrass Pioneer Award at the Canadian Bluegrass Awards for his early work with the "Country Rebels". Most recently, Paul has been playing with London bluegrass band the Dixie Flyers.You can reach Paul and Robin at

Tom Nunn

On guitar and vocals, from Kitchener, Ontario, Tom joined the group in October, 1994 and is the newest recruit. A director of media relations for a major insurance company, Tom is a past member of the Ontario Press Council and 20-year journalist for newspapers in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Born into a large musical family, his grandfather and father were both rural fiddlers while his cousin Darrin Schott plays fiddle throughout Clear Blue Sky. Tom recently recorded with Celtic artist Allison Lupton and friends. Before joining Northern City Limits, Tom previously played bass for "Shady Grove" bluegrass group after performing for 10 years with a family dance band. You can reach Tom and Robin at:

Norm Tellier

On mandolin and vocals, from Cambridge, Ontario, Norm joined the group in late 1993, after playing as a long-time and founding member of bluegrass band "Clean Sweep''. Norm works for a large motor controls company in Cambridge. His brother Guy is also a talented bass player who occasionally sits in with the band. Norm and his wife Nancy, an audiologist, handle sound for the group. You can reach Norm and Nancy by e-mail at:

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