Why come back?

"Much more than a very good band home page. It has become one of the best starting points for any bluegrass surfing adventure." Jordan Walsh, Internet Report, Bluegrass Canada Magazine

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"Your site looks great. We'd love to link with you . . ." Tim Stafford, Blue Highway

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"I checked out your site and it is beautiful! Whoever writes your HTML does a great job--very well organized and visually appealing without being cluttered. The link from our page to yours is up.

Please feel free to take a look: http://www.acafe.com/about.html#. If you play music as well as you write HTML, I'm looking forward to hearing you sometime. Let me know if you ever find yourselves performing in this neck of the woods. Thanks again for getting in touch." Vicki Jones, Acoustic Cafe

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"Great site that Tom & the boys have. Very informative and sharp ~ as fine-tuned as the energy the boys exhibit in their music!" Norm Matheson, Director, Western Manitoulin Folk Fair

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