Transcript from video:

There is no possibility of going back, reading this has
enabled your choice; this is true even if you are not

1. There comes a time in everyone's life in which they seek a
change of luck.
4. You must act appropriately in seeking luck; an ill conceived
gesture may anger luck and keep it from your side.
5. Although one may stumble upon luck quite easily, the path to
luck is often long and arduous.
7. Almost everyone can count on a change of luck with the
coming of a new season.  In spring it is best to toss out all old
luck, cut your losses and start anew.
11. Sometimes you should let your luck run out and all over
someone else.
12. In order for you to have good luck someone else must have
bad luck.
13. The luckier you are; the more likely the people around you
will be unlucky.
19. Luck can only be achieved by wishes of compliance.
22. This is true even if you are not lucky.
25. Bad luck is usually your fault.
33. Luck may test you to see if you are deserving.
34. There is no cheating luck for it can see all, and you will
get only the luck you deserve.
47. A life time of work (and compliance) could be rewarded
with a bucket of luck (good or bad), just in time to be
48. Picture this bucket of luck in your mind's eye and let it
pour all over you; if you have any left maybe you will give
some to a sick little girl.
49. Picture the stream from this bucket encircling your
head and everyone's head and flowing and ebbing like
50. You better keep up on the forecast if you want to be
65. You must also keep up to your own schedule; if you are
late you might miss your rendezvous with luck and set off a
sequence of events that could spiral into randomness.
66. Luck will not wait for you; although in a certain
situation you may show up late for a particular rendezvous
with good luck to find bad luck waiting for you.
67. Luck is not benevolent.
75. Luck may be coaxed, lured and cajoled through a variety
of methods, but a desired result is never guaranteed.
78. Often tips and premonitions may guide you towards luck.
82. The achievement of luck is contingent upon desire.
83. An intuitive feeling can be a guide to the direction of
luck's flow.
84. Inquiring to the source of luck is usually counterproductive
and may cause a reversal in the direction of it's flow.
89. Long hours of study and preparedness for the coming of
good or bad luck can often soothe feelings of helplessness.
93. You may picture luck as rain falling from the sky, or as
the blood running through your vanes, or as a pack of wild
dogs running unchecked and hungry through the streets of
your neighborhood.
94. Luck is everywhere and inside of everything.
110. Everyone has a finite amount of luck.
113. It is usually best to avoid predictions and manipulations
and try to go with the flow, as if you were swimming in a river
of luck.

Swimming in a River of Luck is a 6 min. video work from May/2001