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 The following books are a good resource on parenting and adoption. Click on the '' bar below to search for more books.

                                                           The Journey Home follows
                                                            an adoptive family's return to
                                                            Romania ten years after the fall
                                                            of Ceaucesc

A  DLI Productions Film
The Journey Home - A Romanian Adoption

Kids are Worth Itby Barbara Coloroso by Lois R. Melina
Jill Krementz by Dr. Ross Greene
Horaceby Holly KellerHappy Adoption DaybyJohn McCutcheon
Spirited Childby Mary S. KurcinkaProtecting the Giftby Gavin de Becker

Kid  Cooperationby Elizabeth PantleyRaising Great Kidsby C.Langlois

by Leslie Gailbraith

Magazines & Newsletters

canadian flagCanadian Adoption Magazines and Newsletters

Adoptive  Families

Adoptive Families magazine is a leading adoption magazine, recognized as a Parent's Choice Award Winner for four consecutive years.For more than thirty years, Adoptive Families magazine has helped families through every aspect of the decision to adopt, the process of adoption, and raising adopted children.

    Adopted Child

Your online resource for raising adopted children

Rainbow Kids

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