The Newsletter on Civil Liberties News Index

Collected Online News:

Censor Board Targets Lesbian & Gay Bookstore
Don't censor this porn -- please (The National Post)
Adult Store Fights Ontario Ratings Law ( News)
Ontario Film Review Board defends right to censor (The National Post)
COURTS & COPPERS: The Barn, Glad Day and the gay police liaison committee.... (
Unapproved adult video trial continues (The CBC - Toronto)
Violent pornography harms society (The National Post)
Degrading videos harm society: film board chief (The National Post)
Film review delay at issue in video store trial (Toronto Star)
Province urged to lighten up reviewing porno (Toronto Sun)
Film board's right to censor challenged (The National Post)
Court case challenges film review system (Toronto Star)
Bookstore raises money for its legal fight (The National Post)
Glad Day to challenge Ontario video distribution law (The Quill & Quire)
Glad Day goes to court to ‘fight for survival’ (Xtra!)
Porn-film charge generates constitutional challenge (The Globe and Mail)

Collected Online News: Little Sister's Ruling

Top court closes chapter in gay bookstore feud (CBC News)
Gay-book sellers win Supreme Court case (The Globe and Mail)
Supreme Court toughens rules under which Canada Customs can seize material (The Vancouver Sun)
A victory at last for Little Sister's bookstore (The Vancouver Sun)

Collected Online News: Sharpe case

* Supreme Court of Canada upholds child pornography law
* February 18, 1999It's the freedom to ban versus the freedom to read (The Globe and Mail)
* August 2, 1997 Group fights same-sex book ban. (The Globe and Mail)
* June 27, 1997 Canada Customs bans Canadian video and targets Canadian wholesaler Marginal Distribution.
* June 21, 1997 OSC bans investment advice web site. (The Globe and Mail)
* June 15, 1997 Censor elected as chair of Canadian Association of Internet Providers.
* May 25, 1997 Nancy Friday Banned in Canada?
* 1997 The banning of The Broxtowe Files/JET Report.

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