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Revenue Canada Customs has determined the instructional SM video, "Bullwhip: Art of the Single-Tail Whip," is prohibited from entry into Canada - even though the video was produced in Ontario and has been approved by the Ontario Film Board.

The video was produced last year by Boudoir Noir Magazine and approved by the Ontario Film Board as an adult video. Portions of the video aired on TVO's Studio Two program a few months ago.

Boudoir Noir accidentally sent two copies of the video to a US resident who mailed the extra copy back to Canada. When it reached the US/Canada border more than a month ago, Customs detained it. Boudoir Noir publisher Robert Dante was informed by telephone yesterday that the 67-minute video, produced in Toronto, was banned in Canada.

Customs will send a three-option form to the magazine next week, allowing it to either forfeit the video, to have it returned to the U.S., or to lodge an official appeal to Customs' determination. The Customs official told Dante, "If an item contains bondage or sadomasochism, even if it's consensual, it is usually prohibited by Customs."

Dante had been speaking with officials at the Prohibited Importations Unit of the Customs Assessment Division in Toronto. Customs officials are identified only by gandge numbers, so Dante is unable to report the name of the official with whom he spoke. The video was part of lot CO-3909 and was identified as item rr47932119xca on a notice of detention dated May 14. Their phone number is (416) 973-8140. The phone number for the Superintendent of the International Mail Branch is (905) 612-5479. The unnamed official cited Form D9-1-1 as justification for the prohibition.

The video teaches viewers how to responsibly crack a whip, giving tips on safety and technique and demonstrating in three consensual SM scenes how to play at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of whip proficiency. The video contains semi-nudity and consensual SM.

Dante has presented numerous workshops on safe bullwhip use in Canada and the United States an he has given lessons to dominatrixes, stuntpeople and professional actors in Toronto. Dantes' bullwhip SM play was featured on Home Box Office's "Real Sex" episode 13, "Whiplash," and he contributed bullwhip chapters to the SM manuals, "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns" published by Mystic Rose Press and "SM 101" published by the Greenery Press in San Francisco.

Dante has published Boudoir Noir, the non-fiction leather-fetish-consensual SM magazine, since 1993. The magazine is a member of the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association.

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