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Case Law:

Canada Customs and highlights
* Joy of Gay Sex(1), Hayes decision(2), Little Sister's decision (3)

Child Pornography and highlights
* R. v. Sharpe(1)

Obscenity and highlights
* Butler decision(1), Bad Attitude decision(2)

Hate Speech | Libel | Freedom of the Press

U.S., other foreign decisions, and other decisions

Statutory Law

Charter | Criminal Code | Customs Act | Customs Tariff | Bill C-128

Canada Customs Regulations and Guidelines: Departmental Memoranda

Detention and prohibition of materials that are obscene, hate propaganda, treasonous and seditious.
* D9-1-1 Revised October 4, 1999
* D9-1-1 February 4, 1998 (superseded)
* D9-1-1 January 31, 1997 (superseded)
* D9-1-1 September 29, 1994 (superseded)

Procedures related to the hate propaganda provisions of Tariff Code 9956.
* D9-1-15 February 3, 1998
* N-333 May 23, 1989 (superseded)

Procedures regarding the handling of imported films or videotapes which are to be reviewed by a provincial film board.
* D9-1-16 Revised February 8, 1998

Interpretation of the terms "degradation" and "dehumanization" in the administration of Tariff Code 9956.
* N-198 February 11, 1988 (superseded)

Administration of Tariff Item 99201-1 in light of the "Joy of Gay Sex decision".
* N-100 April 13, 1987 (superseded)

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