Online news collection covering John Robin Sharpe's appeal
January 28, 2001.
Wise porn ruling sets example for Parliament (The Toronto Star)
January 27, 2001.
Child porn law upheld with narrow exceptions (The Toronto Star)
Sharpe's long legal fight is taking toll (The Toronto Star)
Making sense of court's decision (The Toronto Star)
Pornography law stands - with fixes (Vancouver Sun)
January 26, 2001.
Top court rules 9-0: child porn law stays (The Globe and Mail)
Activist days long gone for deferential court (The Globe and Mail)
April 27, 1999.
Attitudes toward child porn could change, B.C. judge says (The Globe and Mail)
February 11, 1999.
Canada's Child Porn Case Ruling Set for Speedy Appeal (Adult Video News)
January 23, 1999.
Child-porn case judge gets death threat (Vancouver Sun)
January 21, 1999.
Child porn judge considered student of the law (Vancouver Sun)
January 19, 1999.
Child-Porn Ruling Splits Canada (Wired)
Child victims biggest losers in trade viewed for some as 'cathartic' release (The Globe and Mail)
The law and pedophiles: speech or smut? (The Globe and Mail)
B.C. to appeal child porn ruling (C.B.C.)
Sharpe stung by backlash on porn ruling (C.B.C. Newsworld)
Society's main concern: Safeguarding children (Vancouver Sun)
Surrey judge dismisses new child porn charges (Vancouver Sun)
January 16, 1999.
B.C. court child porn ruling under fire (C.B.C.)
January 15, 1999.
B.C. court strikes down child porn possession (C.B.C.)

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