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From the beginning we found ourselves drawn to these large, gentle creatures with their delicate beauty. A very generous gift from a friend provided a pair for our first 100 gallon tank. They were beautiful blue discus and they were fascinating.

Unlike some discus they were not at all shy. They would meet us a the front corner of their tank when we came downstairs and follow us by swimming along as we walked past.
We set to work to treat them like the visiting royalty they really were. Clean polyethylene sheets were used to carefully collect rainwater in an attempt to bring their tank closer to the soft acid water of their natural habitat. It was wet, unpleasant work rushing out into the backyard during rainstorms to collect the water, but nothing was too good for our new friends. Sadly, we found out too late, that the rainwater, with its load of heavy metals from a local industry, carried a death sentence.

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