Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
Advocate for the Homeless
"We are awareWe do care." 
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12salmon.htm            12 foot Salmon
2olympic.htm             Olympics and the Homeless, experiences of others
3whygen.htm             challenges of the homeless
911a.html                    The War on Terror:  The Real Vicitms:  By John Pilger Legendary Foreign Correspondent
911timeline.htm by Michael C. Ruppert  a timeline of events around September 11, 2001
H120197.htm            Master Letter, letter #1, to Canadian Politicians
Maiden.htm               original email to the staff of UofT Erindale re homelessness

Promha1.htm             promotional flyer
samples.htm              sample board
why1.htm                   **
afghanwar.htm            A war in the making for four years, by Michael Rupert
allngrdns                     chronology fo the Allan Gardens saga
art_rem.htm                Susan Dorens/Real Estate Mag. article re CSAR

announce                    email form to tell peopl about CSAR
announcer_re              email form to tell people about Richard Gurbin RE Rep.
banks1.htm                Banks: The Root of Homelessness, by Harry Marvin, FreeAmerica, also COMER
BillC36_Clark.htm            Why bill C36 on anti terrorism must not be passed, by Joe Clark
bombs.htm                 INSIDE THE WORLD OF THE PALESTINIAN SUICIDE BOMBER by Hala Jaber  (in the Jordan Times)
Bush_as_Orwell.htm     Bush's Orwellian Address to Congress, by Jacob Levich
caca.htm                     Starting page for Citizens Against Child Abuse
caspianoil.html courtesy BBC World Service
civic_literacy.html            True North strong and third..... Henry Milner, Toronto Globe and Mail, August 9, 2002
commun.htm               Starting page for nodes of communications with others
course_miracles.htm    reprint of New Beginnings from "A course in Miracles"
counters.htm               all counters installed in the site.

csar.htm                      CSAR home page
csar_csar.htm              csar main page
csarc.htm                    old csar page.  changed 10/04/99 after no success motivating people to write the letters.
csarrev.htm                 new CSAR home page.
custh090398.htm        main page/table for custom letters, addresses but no body text
chopra.htm                  Interview of Deepak Chopra by Larry King

dankerr.htm                historiography of homelessness
datingrg.htm                dating profile for Richard
death_benedict.html Mellen-Thomas Benedict and his personal death experience
demographics.htm        some demographics of megacities by Steve Jones
divine_inspiration.htm    the Self-fulfilling prophecy
divine_inspiration2.htm  backup material for divine inspiration and law of mind action page
dobbin1.htm                  Who's minding Who’s minding Canada’s trade negotiators? by Murray Dobbin
door1.htm                   collective counter page
education_ontario.htm    Comment Boards and bureaucrats are sinking our students, by Martha Harron, Toronto & Globe and Mail
estanley                       web offerrring of "A Song of Ascents"
experiment.htm            **
economy1.htm Colonizing the World's Economy, by Lenora Foerstel
faq1.htm                      frequently asked questions

farrell.htm                    Paul & Eva's new home page
faultlines21st.htm       Faultlines for the 21st Century, Harland Cleveland
fig1b.htm                    Ven diagram for the CSAR process
freelinks.htm                CSAR based forwarding page for linking to CSAR
fleur.htm                      our greatest hope for changing the world .... dream for kids
forrester.htm                The Economic Horror, the Globalization of Poverty
future.htm                    main page for forward looking perspectives
gates1.htm                    the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, by Jean Strause, New York Times

genpro.htm                  flow diagram for information exchange between various levels of participation in CSAR
genfoods.htm                Genetically Modified Organisms, CBC news
genfoods2.htm            Canada promotes GM foods for Europe and 3rd world countries
genfoods3.htm            Hightech foods are bad for the brain
globalizationofoil.htm    meeting re U.S., Russia And Iraqi Oil
globalstatusA.htm        world at a glance by developmentrex
grand.htm                    **old main page?
h090398.htm               main page/table for letter #2 re Social criteria in Olympic choices.
h120197.htm               main page/table for letter #1 re pro-homeless action by Canadians
help.htm                      how CSAR supporters can help in other ways.

hilton1.htm                  interview with Carol Hilton <carolhilton@yahoo.com>
hltra1.htm                    Prime Minister Jean Chretien
hltra11.htm                  Cdn Dental Assoc., letter #1
hltra12.htm                  Cdn. Assoc. of U Teachers, letter #1

hltra13.htm                  Cdn Fed. of Bus School Deans, letter #1
hltra14.htm                  Mississaug News, letter #1
hltra2.htm                    Official Fed. Opposition, letter#1
hltra3.htm                     leader of the Reform Party, letter#1
hltra4.htm                     Premier of Ontario, letter #1

hltra5.htm                    Hazel McCallion, letter #1
hltra6.htm                    Mel Lastman, letter #1
hltra7.htm                    Anne Golden, letter #1
hltra8.htm                    Cdn. Fed. of Independent Business, letter #1
hltra9.htm                    Cdn. Bankers Assoc., letter #1

hltrb1.htm                    Prime Minister, letter #2
hltrb10.htm                  Cdn. Medical Assoc., letter #2
hltrb11.htm                  Cdn Dental Assoc., letter #2
hltrb12.htm                  Cdn. Assoc. of U Teachers, letter #2
hltrb13.htm                  Cdn Fed. of Bus School Deans, letter #2

hltrb14.htm                  Mississaug News, letter #2
hltrb15.htm                  David Crombie, Olympic Bid Committee letter #2
hltrb16.htm                  President, International Olympic Committee letter #2
hltrb17.htm                  Cdn Bar Assoc., letter #2
hltrb2.htm                    Official Fed. Opposition, letter#2

hltrb3.htm                    leader of the Reform Party, letter#2
hltrb4.htm                    Premier of Ontario, letter #2
hltrb5.htm                    Hazel McCallion, letter #2
hltrb6.htm                   Mel Lastman, letter #2
hltrb7.htm                    Anne Golden, letter #2

hltrb8.htm                    Cdn. Fed. of Independent Business, letter #2
hltrb9.htm                    Cdn. Bankers Assoc., letter #2
hltrc1.htm                    Office of the Prime Minister, custom letter
hltrc10.htm                  Cdn. Medical Assoc., custom letter
hltrc11.htm                  Cdn Dental Assoc., custom letter

hltrc12.htm                  Cdn. Assoc. of U Teachers, custom letter
hltrc13.htm                  Cdn Fed. of Bus School Deans, custom letter
hltrc14.htm                  Mississaug News, custom letter
hltrc15.htm                  David Crombie, Olympic Bid Committee custom letter
hltrc16.htm                  President, International Olympic Committee custom letter

hltrc17.htm                  Cdn Bar Assoc., custom letter
hltrc2.htm                    Official Fed. Opposition, custom letter
hltrc3.htm                    leader of the Reform Party, custom letter
hltrc4.htm                    Premier of Ontario, custom letter
hltrc5.htm                    Hazel McCallion, custom letter

hltrc6.htm                    Mel Lastman, custom letter
hltrc7.htm                    Anne Golden, custom letter
hltrc8.htm                    Cdn. Fed. of Independent Business, custom letter
hltrc9.htm                    Cdn. Bankers Assoc., custom letter

hltrd1.html                Eric Molson, Molson Inc.
hltrd2.html                James Arnett, Molson Inc.
hltrd3.html                Pat Zeedick, Nike Inc. Canada
hltrd4.html                William Farlinger, Ontario Power Generation
hltrd5.html                 Maureen Darkes, General Motors of Canada

hltrd6.html                Andrew Brandt, Liquor Control Board of Ontario
hltrd7.html                John Cleghorn, The Royal Bank of Canada
hltrd8.html                Jean Monty, Nortel (BCE Inc.)
hltrd9.html                Albert Gamper Jr., The CIT Group Inc.
hltrd18.html                The Mississauga News

hltrmaster.htm             main page for letters #1, #2, #3, #4, and China 2008 Olympics lobby

hmlin.htm                     **homeless links
hmlinks.htm                  **homeless links
home.htm                     **home icon
homeless.htm                **homeless links
homelessaction1.htm     homeless action day
homelessdeaths.htm        Homeless men die young

homepg.htm                 **
howard.htm                  ** blank
howard1.htm                Howard Press, Main Page
Iamthere.htm                Prayer/poem by James Dillet Freeman
iraq_invasion.htm        Why so many americans don't support attacking Iraq, by Ilana Mercer, from Globe and Mail, Sept 19,2002
jensensecrets.htm        secrets of the universe by Brad Jensen
korten.htm                    Cure for the cancer of capitalism (Korten)
kutyn.htm                     The Nature of Money

legacy                          Our Incipient Legacy for our children - a listing of futurist type articles
letterb.htm                    letter writing instructions
letters.htm                     ** letter writing instructions
linkex.htm                     instructions for promoting link exchanges
ltrblank.htm                   blank letter
ltrblankb.htm                blank letter with no salutation

maiden.htm                    maiden email re CSAR, to Erindale Campus professors
MAI_overv.htm            MAI overview: Writing the Constitution of a Single Global Economy:
Mai_sum.htm                Summary of the MAI Text
Mai_flaw.htm                There's a Dangerous Flaw in "Global Economy" Concept
Mai_can.htm                  SILENT COUP: Confronting the big business takeover of Canada
Mai_react.htm                The MAI in the Words of Framers, Proponents and Opponents
Mai_update.htm            MAI update April 22/2000, by Connie Fogel
mcmurtry.htm                The Corporate Takeover of Higher Education, John McMurtry
mfgeng.htm                    Manufacturing Engineering main page
mfgeng2.htm                 Manufacturing Engineering resume and experience profile
michaelratner.htm             domestic consequences of the war on terrorism
misnewsjan99.htm          Mississaug News article for CSAR
mission.htm                    CSAR mission statement and operating philosophy
mokhiber.htm The Corporate Century, By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
moringa.htm                            A Common Tree with Rare Power, by ZMark Fritz, Los Angeles Times

monhumrgts.htm Welcome to the Brave New World - Party Political broadcast on behalf of SPECTRE- by Ian O. Angell
neo_lib.htm                                   A brief History of Neo Liberlism, Susan George
news.htm                        TrueGrowth News Service - Main page
orphanage.htm               Orphanage Ministry in the Nations - Perth, Australia - complimentary page
overview1.htm                ** Life on the streets - an overview of being homeless - Ottaw Sun
pg2why.htm                    ** Why I started CSAR

pics_rg.htm                    dating pictures for Richard, April, 2002
palestinians_non_violent.htm    A new intifada is born
photos.htm                      Internet Photograhy of/by the homeless
pope_squat.htm              Susan Collis, OCAP, organizes a sit in in an abandoned building in Toronto
powerpolitics36.htm              Oil, Terror and the War Against Afghanistan."
press1.htm                      Media release with contact, suitable for faxing.
press1b.htm                    Media release no contact, suitable for faxing.
promha1.htm                   Billboard poster, internet address
promha2.htm                   Billboard poster, internet address and email address, homepage lookalike.

pubrel.htm                       Web page listing all media exposure materials
rayburn.htm                     rayburn move from Mississauga to Carlisle
reactions1.htm                media reaction/support to the Golden Report immediately after it was released - 3 separate articles
reguide.htm                      page to prompt surfer to click and request free RE guide.
reguide1.htm                    actual RE Guide

reguide2.htm                    ** page to prompt surfer to click and request free RE guide.
reguidenet.htm                 **actual RE Guide
reliefaid.htm                    Relief and Aid for Children and others around the world
reprtfu1.htm                    **media release of Golden Report
reporterssansborders.htm    Reporters without borders page to boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijiing
rghts1.htm                       **human rights and freedoms - link page

rick1past.htm                  **old RE page for Richard
rick1pb.htm                    ** search engine page directing people to rickgurbin1.htm
rickgurbin1.htm               current RE page for richard
rickgurbin2.htm               testamonials for Richard - for the internet
rickgurbin2b.htm             testamonials for Richard - for photo copying

rickgurbin3.htm               7 reasons to use Richard for your RE representative
rickgurbin3b.htm             7 reasons to use Richard  ... photocopy copy
rickgurbin4.htm               lead in to search 30,000 homes from Richard's home page
rickgurbin5.htm               lead in to CSAR helping children from Richard's home page
rickgurbin6.htm               comparing the sale of 3112 & 3148 Lindenlea
rickgurbin7.htm               cover letter for information sent out to prospects.
ricktreb.htm                    *** summary page

scaw.htm                        Sleeping children around the world - complimentary page
settle-affidavit.htm        affidavit to court re delivering by fax my Notice of Intent to Act In Person
separation.htm                details re separation from Donna
signat.htm                       instructions for creating signature files
sitemap.htm                    sitemap

society1.htm                    The Global Workforce will consist of Three Groups
society2.htm                    Fatherlessness: The Root Cause
society3.htm                    Racism, Poverty and Crime
society4.htm                    Social Injustice - Christian View, by Rev. Wayne Holcomb
society5.htm                    Social Injustice - Hindu View, by Vidya Bhushan Gupta
society6.htm                    Brazil: The Invisible People, The Sunday Telegraph, London
society7.htm                    Australia: Confessions of a dying priest, by Father Ted Kennedy, author, Who is Worthy?
spiritual                           spiritual links

sponsors.htm                   starting page for CSAR sponsors
squash.htm                        a description of the court for squash
start.htm                          ***start page re homeless.  linked on EVERY web page
student1The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Home>
sustaindev.htm             RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY
sydney1.htm How is the Olympic experience affecting the official treatment of the homeless?

test.htm                           **** no reference
tentcityTO.htm                description of a tent city for the homeless run by the homeless, Toronto Sun, Jason Botchford
tsun0299.htm                  article about CSAR in the Toronto Sun
tuhu.htm                          Taxpayers Unitiing for Healthier Universities
tuhub.htm                        Taxpayers Unitiing for Healthier Universities
tuhuc.htm                          Taxpayers Unitiing for Healthier Universities
unity.htm                          an unofficial summary of the Unity perspective
united_nations.htm        Another League of Nations, Anthony Westell, Toronto Globe and Mail, September 21, 2002
uranium238.htm                the UN dilemma, and the medical hazards of U238

water1.htm                        Global water crisis, Canada, 1999, WATER SUMMIT
water2.htm                        Blue Gold: The Global Water Crisis, Maude Barlowe
womenstrat1.htm                GLOBALIZATION: SOME IMPLICATIONS & STRATEGIES FOR WOMEN, National Action Committee
On The Status of Women (Canada)
worldbank1.htm                            Voice of the Poor, study commissioned by the world bank, March/2000