Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
Advocate for the Homeless
"We are awareWe do care." 



Letter #1
Lobby people of influence to consider the Homeless in Toronto Olympic bid.
 "There are two things of which we can be certain ...
the sun will rise; the sun will set - tomorrow - and
 what happens in between, is up to us."
paraphrased from Rev. Robert Schuller

  Your participation is critical. Please participate.  35% of the children in the Toronto area are estimated to live in poverty.
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Encouraging people in high places to "Help those who help the Homeless "
Office of the Prime Minister of Canada  Office of the Official Opposition of Canada
Office of the Leader of the Reform Party
Office of the Premier of Ontario
Office of the Mayor of the City of Mississauga
Office of the Mayor of the City of Toronto
Homelessness Action Task Force, City of Toronto
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Canadian Bankers Association
Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Dental Association
Canadian Association of University Professors
Cndn. Federation of Business School Deans
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 Will You Make the Difference?
"Tell me the weight of a snowflake," a hawk asked a wild dove.  "Nothing more than nothing," was the answer.  "In that case I must tell you a marvelous story,"  said the hawk.  "I sat on the branch of a fir, close to its trunk.  It began to snow.  Not heavily, not a raging blizzard, no, just like in a dream, without any violence.  Since I had nothing better to do, I counted the snowflakes settling on the twigs and needles of my branch.  Their number was exactly 3,741,952 when the next snowflake dropped onto the branch - 'nothing more than nothing' as you say - and the branch broke off."  Having said that the hawk flew away.

The dove, since Noah's time an authority on peace, thought about the story for a while and finally said with resolve,

Page 180, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME ... AGAIN?! ... and What You Can Do About It!, by dr. michael ryce,  free download