Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
"We are aware.  We do care." 
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Our Pending Legacy
The writing on the wall is becoming more evident.
We are the ones.  Now is the time. We urge you to use every reasonable means.
We are the ones who must do what is necessary to respect the future we have borrowed from our children.
It is what we do when we don't have to that determines what we will be when we can no longer help it.
 The articles below are presented for your interest and convenience.  We hope to get you thinking and enthusiastic.
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  • Cure for the cancer of capitalism, by David C. Korten, board chair of the Positive Futures Network
  • The Corporate Century, By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
  • At The Edge of a New Dark Age, by John McMurtry, Professor, University of Guelph, Ontario
  • The Nature of Money, by John Kutyn
  • Banks: The Root of Homelessness, by Harry V. Martin, FreeAmerica
  • A Brief History of neo-liberalism, by Susan George
  • Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI): A global strategy of International Investment and behaviour.
  • Colonizing the World's Economy, by Lenora Foerstel
  • Money & Human Rights Out of Date  by Ian O. Angell, Professor of Computer Science, London School of Economics
  • The U.S., Russia And Iraqi Oil  by Eugene Rumer, fellow at the National Defense University's Institute for National Strategic Studies

  • 2.


    Electronic Diplomacy: CSAR asks: "Is electronic diplomacy the hope of sustainable development?"



  • Social Injustice - Christian View, by Rev. Wayne Holcomb
  • Social Injustice - Hindu View, by Vidya Bhushan Gupta
  • Brazil: The Invisible People, The Sunday Telegraph, London
  • Australia: Confessions of a dying priest, by Father Ted Kennedy, author, Who is Worthy?
  • Civic Literacy by Henry Milner, Toronto Globe and Mail, August 9, 2002

  • 6.



    Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO):



    • Bill Gates Charity: by Jean Strause, New York Times. CSAR wonders if this is a milestone for Christian Capitalism



  • Song of Ascents, spiritual autobiography by E. Stanley Jones, we urge you to read the introduction.
  • The Unity Way a layman's perspective, by Richard Gurbin, CSAR
  • How to Know God,Deepak Chopra as interviewed by Larry King, on Larry King Live, Weekend Edition
  • Personal Accounting of an AfterDeath experience  by Mellen-Thomas Benedict
  • New Beginnings, from Chapter 30 of "A Course in Miracles" by The Foundation for Inner Peace
  • I AM THERE, a prayer placed on the Moon by Neil Armstrong, written by James Dillet Freeman.
  • Law of Mind Action, metaphysical implications of the Sermon on the Mount, by Richard Gurbin, CSAR
  • Secrets of the Universe, by Brad Jensen

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    CSAR: Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
    "We are aware.  We do care."