Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
"We are aware.  We do care." 
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This part of our site is very much in the formative stage and is NOT intended for public viewing.

Taxpayers Uniting for Healthier Universities

In recent years Universities (Canadian at least) have experienced astounding financial pressures as they struggle to justify their existence and redefine their role.  It occurs to us that, in the major reconstruction of Universities and the manner in which they are managed, monetary issues and political issues may be affecting the day to day experiences of the students and the professors in ways that do not measure up to the published standards - ways never intended, we expect, by the founders of these institutions of higher learning.  We therefore perceive a need for a broad based resource that is not only capable of helping those who respect a common primary allegiance; but, is also accessible to support them as they deal with a bureaucracy distracted by more self-serving struggles of the organization.

In support of those who follow truth beyond political correctness
In support student-professor relations which are equitable.
In support of contract teachers who might otherwise feel undue and/or professionally irrelevant political pressure unrelated to their published goals and assignments.
In support of professors and administrators who want to do their work, to the best of their abilities, and who recognize that, as an organization supported by tax dollars dedicated to pursuing excellence and to transferring that attitude and knowledge to the taxpayers and/or their children, their primary allegiance is to the wellness of those same taxpayers and their children.
This project is the focus of what is still a very new concept for us and we are actively seeking ideas and support of most every kind.  Feel free to contact us with your input.
It occurs to us that the current (Canadian) University system gives a subtle and automatic advantage to the professors and administrators, charged with serving the the taxpayers and their children, over students - by the nature of the duration of their time on campus and their closer relationship to people of influence within their environment.  Because of the relatively short term (4 -5 years) of student exposure, their set of expectations, their frame of mind, their state of innocence, and their relative lack of contacts and resources, students are sometimes at a disadvantage in dealing with the vagaries of the University system.

As long as the entrenched powers are acting with integrity and honouring their primary allegiance, the students' disadvantage is likely not an issue.  When, as occasionally happens in large organizations, something goes awry, then this disadvantage can be daunting, intimidating, and even crippling to the underdog.

It is the hope of TUHU that we can provide an effective balance which is useful to all.

We look for support from:


We would strive to act as an information depot to ease the general understanding of such issues as:

We would strive to act as a lobbying group to support individual students, professors, and administrators who seem to have been unfairly treated in accordance with published standards and/or those who make a case for changing standards that they think unfair.

In the mid 1990's