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Calls to Action - In support of the Homeless
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Letter #2: to some people in a position to influence policy of the International Olympic Committee. This will give us amazing leverage to effect positive social change in any community which hopes to host forthcoming Olympic events.  Presumably the effect will cascade throughout the hosting country.   CSAR's goal in this letter is to have the International  Olympic Selection Committee ( IOC ) add social criteria to the criteria (financial and political) they now use when selecting sites for future Olympic games.  This is a wonderfully strategic opportunity to cast our votes with people having influence, opportunity, skills, and resources - urging they make decisions that appropriately consider the social issues.    The social benefit will be enormous.  The IOC has extreme influence overworld-class cities hoping to host Olympic games.  These are the same cities that so terribly treat the socially disadvantaged.  Social standards applied by the Olympic Committee would clearly have the attention of genesis decision makers who, in turn, have the power to make things happen as they look to improve their chances of hosting the games.
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NEW .... Boycott Beijiing: English, French, and Spanish access to an internationally postured boycott responding to China's hosting of the 2008 Olympics despite their horrific human rights record.  Created and sponsored by the RSF (Reporters without Borders).
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Letter #1: to some people directly involved in Toronto's bid process.  Our goal in this letter is to have social/homeless issues appropriately considered AS Toronto strategize for their bid to host the 2012 Olympics.  These letters lobby influential decision makers in Canada.  It is a general letter to cast our votes and raise awareness in some of the "genesis decision makers" ... particularly those in positions of previously untapped influence, to benefit  the homeless, the near homeless, and those who help the homeless.  It is expected that the results will be useful as a model to address homelessness throughout the world.
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Letter #3: to some people/corporations who are helping to finance Toronto's bid for the Olympics.  This letter is designed to lobby the officials of some of the more visible corporations ( more "genesis" decision makers  ) which are helping to finance the activities of Toronto's Olympic Bid committee.  CSAR hopes to use the compassion of these corporate officials to get "social leverage" on the bidding process so that decisions that positively impact the homeless are made.  The support of corporate sponsors is important because they provide much of the money required to finance the costly activities/phases of the process.  Send your letters and the effect will be extraordinary.
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Custom Letters:  Want to write your own letters?  Here is blank letterhead as well as letterhead with names and addresses only.  Write your own thoughts and send them in.  Please use the names and addresses provided. Care to share them with us?  That would be great!
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