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Homeless Action Day ... October 2  Click here to help the children

Please circulate this message and mark Oct. 2nd in your calendar.

October 2nd has been set as a day of action on housing and homelessness in Toronto by the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (a network of homeless and housing advocates and allies). TDRC is encouraging others to organize events in their own communities on that day.

In Toronto, an organizing committee with about a dozen participants from a number of major groups is working on the planning. Outreach has already started to a number of groups around the city. There will be a TDRC contingent in the Pride Day parade on Sunday (one of the biggest events in the city). Flyers and buttons will be distributed.  TDRC will also be at the annual Labour Day parade and the Labour Council has named TDRC as the designated charity. Lots of work is happening to spread the word - any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

October 2nd was selected because it is the closest Saturday to World Habitat Day, designated by the United Nations to be the first Monday in October. The theme of World Habitat Day in 1999 is "Cities for All" - and the TDRC has chosen a parallel theme for its event: Housing for all.

While all the plans are tenative at this point, the event will build on the concept of "from homelessness to home". The start of the event (which may be in a community such as Dundas-Sherbourne, an area with a high concentration of homelesness) will highlight the homelessness disaster and its impact on people and communities. Then the event will move to another neighbourhood (which may be the St. Lawrence neighbourhood, an area with a high concentration of co-op and non-profit housing) to concentrate on solutions. An approach will be made to existing social housing projects to stage "open houses" in conjunction with the event. We want the event to highlight the idea that solutions are not merely policy abstractions, but concrete
reality. There are plenty of exciting details in the planning stage to fill out the event, make it into a day-long action and tie the mobilizing for Oct. 2nd into the national and Ontario efforts to create national and Ontario housing programs.

A key demand will be the One Percent Solution, the national campaign to end homelessness, which has been endorsed by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada at its annual meeting, along with many other national, provincial and local groups and individuals.

Planning meetings are being held every second Monday in downtown Toronto. For more information on the TDRC and the Oct. 2nd event, please call Kira Heineck at the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee at 416-703-8482, ext. 411. Or send an e-mail message to TDRC at: tdrc@hotbot.com.

For those outside Toronto who receive this message, call or e-mail Kira if you would like to start planning an event or action in your community on October 2nd.

A template with a flyer for the Toronto event is available. Send your fax number to Kira, and she will send> 

Michael Shapcott
Manager of Government Relations and Communications - Ontario Region
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
Telephone - 416-366-1711, ext. 224
Facsimile - 416-366-3876
E-mail - mshapcott@chfc.ca Table of contents

NASNA: North American Street Newspaper Association  Click here to help the children
Subject: [nasna] Re: Joint Cover
     Date:Wed, 01 Sep 1999 09:40:22 -0400
     From: neoch@bbs2.rmrc.net (Northeast Coalition for the Homeless)
 Reply-To: nasna@egroups.com
       To: nasna@egroups.com

Dear NASNA papers:
October is world poverty month, and this year we would like you to participate in the Unity cover among Street Newspapers .  Street newspapers from around the world will be featuring an image on their cover from South Africa's Street Newspaper .  We would ask that as many members of NASNA as possible participate in this joint cover idea.  They are asking for the week of October 17 for papers that are published more frequently featuring this image.  Others can put it in their October issue. Please contact the Homeless Grapevine or Montreal's Journal L'Itineraire for copies.   We at the Grapevine can e-mail you the jpeg version of the cover.  Just send an e-mail to: neoch@bbs2.rmrc.net . We are waiting for the hard copy to send out to papers that cannot use a jpeg version.  We also can convert it to other formats and winzip it, but I don't know how useful that is to MAC users.  Last year very few American papers participated in this joint cover plan.  We need to get at least 50% of the papers publishing in October to use the image.  We need you.
Brian Davis

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Subject: [homelessworld]~* Toronto: homeless march, tomorrow!  Click here to help the children
     Date:Fri, 01 Oct 1999 21:43:36 -0700 (PDT)
     From:Blazing Star <sananda@hotmail.com>
 Reply-To: homelessworld@egroups.com
       To: homelessworld@egroups.com

October 1, 1999
March for homeless `absolutely´ will go on

Latest funding for shelters not enough: Activist

By Catherine Dunphy
Toronto Star Feature Writer

Tomorrow, they'll still be marching in the heart of Toronto's homeless district.

The $1.2 million announced yesterday by the federal government to shelter another 360 people in new Toronto hostels isn't going to change those plans.  ``This completely misses the most crucial need in Toronto and the rest of the country for long-term housing,´´ said housing activist Michael Shapcott, of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, which is organizing tomorrow´s march.

``This show is absolutely going to go on.´´

The committee predicts hundreds of people from across Toronto will turn out for the first national march and rally to protest rampant homelessness.

Marchers will start at noon at Allan Gardens; they'll end at the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

One of them will be Steve Lane, 48, a former day labourer who bounced from rooming house to rooming house before he ended up in Seaton House hostel
about 10 years ago. ``In the (shelter) system people get damaged. It´s crowded, noisy; there´s incredible tension. You´re rundown, you´re living in
a human logjam, you´re in a crowd, you´re lining up for everything,´´ he said.

In homeless shelters, `people get damaged . . . there´s tension´

People reach the breaking point. His crept up on him. In the morning breakfast lineup at Seaton House, the man ahead of him turned and spat on the floor. Lane fell into a rage and threatened the man.

``I realized I couldn´t control my environment (in the hostel) and that if I continued (staying there), I´d end up in jail,´´ he says.

So he left - to sleep outside, but also ultimately to make the connections that enabled him to work again, find another room in a rooming house, then, finally, a place of his own in a co-op.

``The world is a better place for me,´´ he said.  To make it a better place for other homeless people, he's active with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. He'll be one of the people making speeches at the end of the march tomorrow, near the St. Lawrence co-operative housing units.

``We´ll be there to say, look, here´s a place where all levels of government came together and built really nice housing,´´ said Beric German of the

Public events are also planned for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Ottawa and Halifax. Parkdale community worker Bob Rose says workers at many west-end organizations helping the homeless are ``terrified´´ about what they believe lies ahead this winter.

``Food bank stocks are down, more people are hungry, already there´s fear in the shelters. We´re talking about a disaster on a lot of levels,´´ he says.
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Blazing Star
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Subject: [homelessworld]~* Toronto: hundreds protest homelessness  Click here to help the children
     Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 09:24:13 -0700 (PDT)
     From:Blazing Star <sananda@hotmail.com>
 Reply-To: homelessworld@egroups.com
       To: homelessworld@egroups.com

October 3, 1999
Homeless rally calls for solutions

Federal attention, funding sought to relieve `disaster´

By Catherine Dunphy
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

They came. They marched. It rained.

``Now we know what the homeless experience,´´ Canadian Labour Congress vice-president Jean-Claude Parrot told the hundreds that marched through
downtown Toronto streets yesterday demanding an end to homelessness.

More than 500 people, including dozens of organizations from Unitarians to unions, from York University teaching assistants to Riverdale parents, walked in a sombre, almost silent procession past the places where homeless people live - and have died.

They started at Allan Gardens, where many homeless sleep because hostels are overcrowded. They marched past alleyways and drop-in centres where the
homeless congregate, to the former site of the Rupert Hotel, where 10 died in a fire 10 years ago.

They ended two hours later at the St. Lawrence neighbourhood, an example of government-funded community and non-profit housing.

`Last night we couldn´t even find a sleeping bag for a woman. Now we are looking at collecting cardboard for the homeless. . .´
- Cathy Crowe Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

``We want (Mayor) Mel (Lastman) to say loud and clear that no-o-o-o-body should be homeless in this city or country,´´ said street nurse Cathy Crowe, a member of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, which organized the march.

She said she can't even find hostel beds for people who come to her needing housing.

``Last night we couldn´t even find a sleeping bag for a woman,´´ she said. ``Now we are looking at collecting cardboard for the homeless in this
city.´´  The march was one of many events in seven cities across Canada this week marking homelessness as a national disaster and demanding a national housing strategy from Ottawa.

Almost one year ago, the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee said that homelessness had become a national disaster.

Now there's a national network of advocates for the homeless that endorses the committee's One Per Cent Solution calling for federal and provincial
governments to spend 1 per cent of their budgets on affordable housing.

But that doesn't include the $1.2 million funding for Toronto shelters announced this week by Claudette Bradshaw, the federal co-ordinator for the
homeless.  ``We have bigger plans for this (federal) government,´´ Crowe said. ``We want 1 per cent of their budget.´´

But Ontario Coalition Against Poverty organizer John Clarke said the federal government ``is determined to keep these people on the streets.´´

Slamming the $1.2 million as a ``pittance,´´ he called for ``massive resistance´´ on behalf of the homeless.

``There´s no other way,´´ he said.

Federal NDP leader Alexa McDonough said community groups have finally managed to attract the Liberal government's attention to homelessness.

``Now we´ve got to get them to pay attention to the solution,´´ she said during the march. ``The 1 per cent solution is concrete, specific, and so
clear. It´s looks like only a slogan, but it is the solution.´´

Endorsed by 120 organizations, the march passed Seaton House, one of the world's largest men's hostels, which is undergoing renovations, and Darlene
Cobean, who said she slept on the streets the previous night.

``I´m homeless and I´m hungry,´´ she said.Marcher Stefan Alexander lost his job in geographic information systems the
same time his marriage broke up. He had to move in with his mother.

``I´m lucky. I have a support system,´´ he says. If he hadn´t, he would have lost his share of the custody of daughter Aaste, 5.

``(The homeless) are people just like me, only they didn´t have the support system,´´ he said. ``The problem is there´s no government support network
for these people either.´´

Standing on the broken-down porch of his Sherbourne St. rooming house, Stan Edge, 72, shouted support to the marchers. He pays $555 of his $904 pension
to rent a room.

``People don´t live there, they can barely survive there,´´ said Joe Kaposi, a marcher and St. Michael´s Hospital volunteer.
Contents copyright © 1996-1999, The Toronto Star.

Requested news, information and announcements are posted on this mailing
list for charitable research and educational purposes pursuant to:

Title 17 USC §107

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Subject: NHHN Press Release: National Events  Click here to help the children
    Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 23:43:27 -0400
   From: Bob Olsen <bobolsen@interlog.com>
      To: act-cuts-ont-l@list.web.net

From: "David Hulchanski, U of Toronto" <david.hulchanski@utoronto.ca>
To: "HOMELESSNESS -- Toronto Research Working Group"
Date:   Thu, 30 Sep 1999 18:00:59 -0400
Subject: NHHN  Press Release:  National Events



For immediate release            September 30, 1999

Housing and homelessness events in seven communities across Canada rally around the theme “Housing for all!”

Members of the National Housing and Homelessness Network have organized a series of housing and homelessness events across Canada in late September and early October as thousands rally around the theme “Housing for all!”

Confirmed events include:

VANCOUVER (Oct. 1) - A "homeless clock" that will dramatically record growing homelessness in Canada will be mounted outside the office of a Vancouver-area MP. There will be speeches and an information picket. For information, call Linda Mix at 604-255-3099.

EDMONTON (Sept. 25) - “Sidewalk expressions”, a chalk-drawing event which dramatized life on the streets, was held, featuring speakers. The Edmonton Mayor proclaimed Sept. 25 "Housing for All" day. For information, Debbie Saidman at 780-420-6161, ext. 352.

CALGARY (Oct. 2) - A community meal for homeless people at City Hall at 2pm, followed by a march to the "Federal Building" for a rally at 3:30pm with speakers. For information, call Fred Robertson at 403-234-7132.

LONDON (Oct. 2) - Community meal and homelessness forum, with speakers. For information, call Janet Kreda at 519-438-8676, ext. 22

TORONTO (Oct. 2) - Community meal, 11:00 am, Allan Gardens, Sherbourne & Gerrard and then at noon a rally followed by march through Homelessness Disaster Zone, finishing with rally at St. Lawrence neighbourhood. Speakers and music. For information, call Kira Heineck at 416-703-8482, ext. 411.

OTTAWA (Oct. 4) - Noon-hour memorial at the Human Rights Monument following by a panel discussion on homelessness. For information, call Sue Garvey at 613-613-233-2243 or 613 237-4669

HALIFAX (Sept. 29 - Oct. 2) - A series of forums and actions that are part of the national conference of the Urban Core Support Network. For information, call Paul O’Hara at 902-420-0303.

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