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Orphanage Ministry in the Nations
Perth, Australia
"Defending the cause of the fatherless and maintaining
          the rights of the poor and oppressed."
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Greetings from Orphanage Ministry in the Nations (OMN).  I have just
finished reading an email in which they mentioned about wanting to help in
an established community working with street children and wrote this in response.


Orphanage Ministry in the Nations (OMN) is a ministry of Youth With A
Mission (YWAM) here in Perth, Western Australia.  OMN's main focus is to
work alongside existing orphanages and street kids ministries helping them
through short-term teams, supplies and where possible child sponsorship.
YWAM is a Christian mission organisation which works around the globe
sharing the practical love of Jesus Christ in many ways including mercy

YWAM has existing Street Kids ministries in many nations including
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Columbia, Mozambique, Philippines,
Russia, the USA and Rwanda.  Personally I have seen the ministry that YWAM
Rwanda are doing and would like to recommend it to you.  I took a team
there for 4 weeks in July of 1998 during which time I saw first-hand their
Street Kids ministry.  They meet regularly with different groups of street
kids in and around Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, teaching them to
play soccer, providing basic medical care and food.  They also run a 2 year
vocational training program to give the kids a way to get out of the
poverty cycle and then help the kids set up a small business so that they
can receive a regular income.  They have also just opened a home for about
25 boys enabling them to receive education or vocational training and the
love and care many of them have missed out on for years.  (Many of these
boys are orphans from the 1994 genocide which took place in Rwanda).  YWAM
Rwanda also has contacts with UNICEF Rwanda and their Street Kids ministry.
 You can contact Method Kamanzi of YWAM Rwanda for further information.
YWAM Rwanda
PO Box 3159

Ph/Fax: +250-85369

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If you would like contacts for any of the other countries mentioned above,
you can contact me at:-

Orphanage Ministry in the Nations
PO Box 8501
Perth Business Centre
Perth  WA  6849

Ph:  +61-8-9221-1217
Fax:  +61-8-9325-1830
Email:  orphanage_min@uofnperth.edu.au

I hope this helps!!

Bless you,

Jacqueline Vis
Orphanage Ministry in the Nations

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