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Professional Real Estate Agent  &  Certified Relocation Specialist  &  Co-Founder - CSAR
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serving Mississauga,  portions of Toronto, and surrounding area in Ontario, Canada
What better measure of a person's professional performance is there than the comments of those whom he has served?
  ... your strategy in marketing our house was unique and well planned, and during the time that it was for sale, you were always there to answer any questions we may have had.  When it came time to negotiate with possible buyers, you were extremely thorough and informative in helping us achieve our ultimate goal.  What impressed us the most about Richard is that after the 'sold' sign was placed upon our lawn, he continued to give us excellent service.  He even took the time to actually get to know our children's names, a fact that showed that you truly cared.  ... We certainly would ... recommend Richard ... to any of our family and friends.
  Richard took the time when we began this project to sit down with us and explain ... sold our house for essentially the price that we wanted ... helped us find a new one which met all of our criteria, at a price lower than we had expected to pay.   Richard was extremely responsive and informative when we had questions ... his integrity unquestionable.  We have had dealings with a number of real estate agents in the past, none of whom impressed us nearly as much as Richard.  If you are considering buying or selling a home, I believe that selecting Richard as your agent is an excellent way to accomplish your goal.
  Richard impressed us with his personality and patience.  He was attentive to our personal needs and questions ... nothing seemed too simple ... acted with true professionalism in every sense of the word.
  ... Richard was always patient and caring ... professional negotiating experience ...told me how to get the most money for my house ... always sensitive to what is best for me ... I will recommend him to anyone wanting top real estate performance.
... impressed from the beginning with Richard's knowledgeable and professional conduct ... he made the process very easy for us with his courtesy, patience and integrity ... able to sell our property in these difficult times ... at an acceptable price  ... without reservation I would recommend Richard to anyone buying or selling property.
  Thank you for your expertise ... recommended to me by several acquaintances who had been most satisfied with your efforts ... I was also impressed with your forthright manner ... particularly appreciated your sensitivity with regard to my mixed, and somewhat reluctant, feelings in parting with my home.  You are most certainly at the top of my "best sellers list" ...
  During the process of pricing, and especially during the negotiating of the price with the potential buyer's agent, Richard was truly skilled at working towards our goal ...As a professional that manages a country-wide sales force together with a large business venture, I was truly impressed with Richard's handling of a sensitive matter in a family unit.  He exhibited excellent skills in dealing with a variety of potential buyers - sales skills were quite refined - his selling manner was such that you felt he was 150% on your team, right up to the point where the price decision came, then he deferred to the vendor.  We were impressed ... we will be recommending Richard ...
  Richard demonstrated an extraordinarily personable and persistent support to my wife and myself throughout the selling process - even in the "little things" that so often are overlooked.  While his style is strongly success motivated, Richard takes the time to discover ... an agent who has integrity, talent and a keen interest in satisfying the needs of his clients.
  ... very much impressed with the way Richard guided us through the selling of our home ... a dedicated and hardworking agent who lived up to his stated commitments ... proved to be true in every case ...for us Richard made the difference!
  We are very happy that we called Richard when it came time to sell our home and buy a new one.  Once we decided ... Richard made the experience enjoyable ... didn't disappoint us ... the whole process went smoothly because of Richard ... Richard walked his talk - day and night!
  Richard developed an effective marketing strategy ... sold our home in a timely manner in a difficult market ... thoroughly professional services ..developed a focus for a competitive purchase of our home ... very pleased with the manner that communications took place ... no hesitation in recommending Richard ...
  We felt that our best interests were Richard's number one priority and we would gladly recommend ... reassuring to know that a person with your integrity and professional ability was a part of our team.
  I hope anyone who thinks a real estate person is just someone who simply looks through books & leaflets of homes for sale, gets a chance to meet a 'real' real estate person such as Richard.  As members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, we are very reluctant to recommend people unless we can really prove they have lived up to our expectations ... I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to my family, friends and colleagues ... exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated to his profession ... displayed an understanding, compassionate posture.
... we were impressed and satisfied with his ability to sell our home in a timely manner. ... enabled us to be prepared.  We would certainly recommend Richard Gurbin as a sales agent to others.
  I feel fortunate to have met you ... I was expecting a real estate agent ... What I found was a friend.  ...continuous help and support ...When I need help with real estate, I want Richard Gurbin on my side.  ... a fine upstanding Christian gentleman who happens to be a knowledgeable, astute, successful professional real estate agent deserving of the reputation and rewards that you have earned in many years of service in the community. ... The way you prepared me for the closing discussions was invaluable.  .... listening as you covered all the bases ... there were no surprises.

In retrospect I have been truly blessed to have found the gem you are and I thank you for your support and for making this venture into the real estate market such an enlightening, satisfying, and rewarding experience.  It was fun!

.....  The two transactions provided some complexities; your calmness and perseverance was much appreciated when the “first” sale of our home collapsed.  You deserve a lot of credit for not rushing to get it sold again “at any price”.  The way you handled the remarketing saved us several thousand dollars.

Finally, the extra effort you devoted after the transactions were firm to finally get the bridge loan approved in the bank’s faceless back office, after I had given up, was truly unexpected, and will give us that precious time to make our new home prepared for a smooth move and a joy to finally occupy.

We are so happy with all of the work you have done for us, and have no hesitation whatsoever recommending you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home........

Richard, thank you again for all of your work and understanding.  And we both wish you the best of success in all of your endeavors.  In the event we decide to move again, rest assured that we will be in touch with you.

  Anyway, Richard, I'd like to say with regard to your acting as our agent ... that "my dad and I are very pleased with the way you have handled the selling of our home. You were available when we needed your advice, always exhibited a most courteous and friendly manner, and demonstrated a professional demeanour that is second to none.  I also admire your involvement with the needy - which suggests to me a side of your person that enhances your image to the community."
  We were very pleased with the attention and dispatch ... we told you we wanted an agent who would "hustle" -- and you certainly did that!  ... Thank you, it was a happy experience all round.
" We were so very happy with the results of Richard's approach in the selling of our home.  His patience, efficiency and consideration of our feelings during the negotiations with the purchaser's agent in getting the price we wanted was exceptional.  His efforts on our behalf were well above average.  We would certainly recommend Richard to anyone considering the sale of their present home.  Thank you Richard for everything."
We wish to thank you for the expert manner in which you handled the marketing of our home.....As a result, the property sold in a timely manner at what we believe was a fair and reasonable price.... We appreciate the extra time you took to explain the process at all stages of the transaction .... Your wealth of knowledge of the (real estate) business and the market was invalluable.....We certainly recommend your services to anyone...
 Richard Gurbin : ReMax Professionals
"Moving People ... at the speed of life."
Phone: 416-232-9000 & 905-281-3399 for Richard's  personal and professional service