7 Reasons
Richard Gurbin ...
"Moving People ... at the speed of life."
... none surpass.


1.  Never Quits ... until you are satisfied.
A true professional, Richard Gurbin listens to your wants & needs and works to give you a predictable, satisfying experience for the best price & terms & timing & convenience.  Get more when you sell.  Pay less when you buy.
2.  110% for you:
In Real Estate since '87, Richard has developed an effective track record of knowledge and experience to meet your needs.  Gurbin does everything possible to put the best of experience and timing to work for you.  And he does it personally (he chooses not  to use assistants)  so you get what you ask for ... exactly what is best for you.
3.  Excellent Results:
Richard Gurbin has won an award for performing in the top 1% of over 100,000 agents in North America!  But what better measure of professional performance is there than the words of his clients, whom he has served so well?  That he has helped his clients save time, aggravation, and money is verified for you in these reference letters.
4.  Masters Level Training:
Upgraded training in finance, marketing and human behaviour fortify Richard's qualifications as a licensed Real Estate Agent.  This means unparalleled professional performance & satisfaction when marketing for home sellers and when negotiating agreements for buyers and sellers ... to your best advantage.  More money in your pocket when you sell or a lower purchase price when you buy ... either way the people who use Richard get added benefit ... at no extra cost!
5.  Internet Exposure:
All Richard's clients automatically get the best possible exposure including upgraded positioning on the Internet.  Using exclusive strategic marketing alliances through ReMax, Yahoo, and MicroSoft, your property receives exposure to the world through the most advanced internet strategies available!  Because these alliances (each the industry leader in their field) are exclusive, they are completely unattainable by any other real estate organization.  Remember, you never really know where you purchaser will be found. NOTE:  When you are selling, your home gets it's own unique web address - complete with photo tour.
6.  RRS Training:
Richard has successfully passed the very comprehensive Registered Relocation Specialist training specifically designed to strengthen negotiating skills; avoid costly pitfalls; increase client satisfaction; and, reduce stresses & strains for his clients on the move.
7.  Community Service:
Richard is active in a variety of volunteer organizations.  For instance, a portion of every real estate transaction is donated, by him, to the Children's Miracle Network.  As well, he is a founding member of CSAR: Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility.  By making Richard your real estate agent (and recommending him to your friends) you are automatically supporting wonderful projects to help homeless children. ( In the Greater Toronto Area alone, there are over 5000 children - and many more adults - with no permanent address.  And the number is growing.  It is truly an epidemic.)
Richard Gurbin @ ReMax Professionals
Professional Real Estate Agent  &  Registered Relocation Specialist
"Moving People ... at the speed of life."
serving Mississauga,  portions of Toronto, and surrounding area in Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-232-9000 & 905-281-3399 or Email: truegrowth@sympatico.ca

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