John P. McGuigan

Trumpet Player Composer and Arranger

The Composer and Arranger

Holds an Honours Bachelor of Music in Theory & Composition from the University of Western Ontario

Classically Trained in Writing and Arranging for all Orchestral and Band instruments and capable of writing for any ensemble or group of instruments.

Received additional training writing for percussion, vocal and extended vocal technique as well as Electronic Music.

Has professionally Composed and Arranged Music for Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface or .mid files) since the mid 1980's.  Some some arrangements have been published on the internet.

Essentially self taught with continued success in arranging for Contemporary Jazz, Big Band & Rock "Horn Section" ensembles".

Several arrangements have been recorded and published by the R & B Funk Band, "Brass Routes" and even more arrangements are being performed on a regular basis by the 12 Piece Funk Band "Project Phoenix".

John has extensive experience with several different computer composing and notational software packages and can deliver songs in many computer formats including midi, digital audio or printed music.

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