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Ben Affleck

James Belushi

Adrien Brody

Gabriel Byrne (Actor/Writer/Producer)*

Nicolas Cage

Drew Carey (Actor/Host/Comedian)

Jim Carrey

Jackie Chan*

Ben Chaplin

Sean Connery*

John Corbett

Kevin Costner*

Russell Crowe

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 Colm Wilkinson

Comedians/Comediennes/Comedy Groups:  

Rowan Atkinson (Actor/Comedian)

Drew Carey (Actor/Host/Comedian)

Carrot Top

Billy Connolly (Actor/Comedian)

Billy Crystal (Actor/Comedian)

Whoopi Goldberg (Actress/Comedienne)

Howie Mandel

Steve Martin (Actor/Comedian)

Puppetry of the Penis

The Reduced Shakespeare Company


Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian)*


Mikhail Baryshnikov


Paul Mercurio (Actor/Dancer)*

Figure Skaters:  

Kurt Browning

Scott Hamilton

Brian Orser


Elvis Stojko


 Formula 1:

David Coulthard


Jacques Villeneuve



Les Miserables



Playbill Online



Andre Agassi

Bjorn Borg

Goran Ivanisevic

John McEnroe


 Patrick Rafter




People I've seen up close, taken a picture with or have an autograph:

(I used to work at Dorval aiport (now Pierre Elliott Trudeau), so I was lucky to see and meet a lot of people!)

The late Stuart Adamson  - singer of the band Big Country - met at Dorval airport/autograph

The late Lyle Alzado  - football/actor - seen at Dorval airport

The late Andre the Giant (Andre Rene Roussimoff ) wrestler/actor - seen at Dorval airport

Rene Auberjonois - actor - met after play in NYC/autograph

Barbara Barrie (Nana from Suddenly Susan) - actress - saw at play in NYC

Mikhail Baryshnikov - ballet dancer/actor - met after play in NYC/autograph

Jon Bon Jovi - singer of Bon Jovi - seen at Dorval airport

Isabelle Brasseur/Lloyd Eisler - figure skaters - seen at Dorval airport

Matthew Broderick - actor - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Gabriel Byrne - actor - seen on NYC street before play/almost autograph & picture

Billy Connolly - actor/comedian - met in Sydney, Australia/picture

Tim Curry - actor - met at Dorval airport (he looked like he didn't want to be reconized, so I didn't ask him for an autograph!)

Roger Daltrey - singer of the band The Who - seen at Dorval airport

Calvert DeForest (Larry "Bud" Melman) - met on NYC street

Celine Dion - singer - met her hubby at Dorval airport, she was standing behind him

William Gray Espy (Mitch AW) - actor - met at Dorval airport

Melissa Etheridge - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Chris Evert - tennis - seen at Dorval airport

Peter Gabriel - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Andre Philippe Gagnon - comedian - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Glass Tiger - band - saw their backs at Dorval airport

Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean AW) - actor - seen at Dorval airport

Corey Hart - singer - met several times/autograph

Hulk Hogan - wrestler - seen at Dorval airport

Tom Jones - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Lorenzo Lamas - actor - seen at Dorval airport

Annie Lennox - singer of Eurythmics - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Heather Locklear - actress - seen at Dorval airport

John McEnroe - tennis - seen at Dorval airport

Mitsou - singer/actress - seen at Dorval airport

Richard Marx - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Jerry O'Connell - actor - seen at Dorval airport

Brian Orser - figure skater - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Sarah Jessica Parker - actress - seen at Dorval airport (she was behind Matthew Broderick, only saw her when he walked away from me)

Lou Diamond Phillips - actor - seen at Dorval airport

PM Dawn - band - seen at Dorval airport

Robbie Robertson - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Sade - singer - seen at Dorval airport

Pat Sajak - tv host - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Monika Schnarre - model/actress - seen at Dorval airport

Paul Shaffer - musician - seen at Dorval airport

Dave Stewart - musician - Eurythmics/artist/filmmaker - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Donald Sutherland - actor - met at Dorval airport/autograph

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon - wrestler - seen at Dorval airport

Ellen Wheeler (Vicky/Marley AW) - actress - met on NYC street

Weird Al Yankovic - comedic singer - seen at Dorval airport