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Philippe & Sherry Daigle

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Royal Spaniel Mail
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A healthy cavalierThere are many websites that profess to tell you everything you need to know about Cavalier Health. In a few cases, the information contained on them is completely wrong, or is published by someone who has an axe to grind with a particular breeder.

The best way to get a good picture of the health of your puppy is to develop a good relationship with the puppy's breeder. No ethical breeder wants to produce unhealthy dogs, and most will be happy to tell you about the health of your puppy’s parents and other relatives.

At Twintree, we test for all major health disorders in Cavaliers. Results are available upon request. We also do not breed females until they are 2 1/2, and we prefer to breed to older male dogs over the age of 5.

For good and accurate info on Cavalier health, visit the Cavalier Club website at