A Harem Belly Dancer Entertains

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Arrangements are made. Sapphira returns to the carpet merchant's house from where she will start her journey into the inner sanctum of a sheik's harem..

Harem Belly DancerDon't be mislead by the conservative picture used in this page. Dancing girls were very much a part of harem life and in the first few weeks of her stay Sapphira is taught the art by one of the harem girls. In the chapter 'Bejeweled Dancers" she describes a harem dancing scene more in keeping with western imaginations - beautiful women dressed in harem costumes, diaphanously see-through and bejeweled, seductively dancing before a reclining master, who may, with a snap of his fingere have her present herself for his taking in any way that took his his lustfull fancy.

Harem dancing has evolved into today's popular sexy belly dance complete with see-thru harem costumes. Originally it was a dance performed by women at weddings to celebrate the belly as the cradle of new life.