Sheik's Birthday Present

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In many Turkish harems it was the Sultan's mother who chose the Sultan's women. Often the sultan had little say in who was brought into his harem and who would be his bed companions, often leading to "illicit' liaisons and in-fighting behind backs.
Although Sapphira was in an Arabian harem, and her master was a sheik, this Turkish tradition was practiced, although to a lesser extent, and after the sheik's mother died her responsibilities were assumed by the senior slave girl Yasmeen.

Birthday Girl
Yasmeen told me about life with Ali when he was younger. Under her tutorship, he acquired a fine appreciation and healthy appetite for the pleasures a woman can bring to a man's bed, and on each birthday his mother presented him with a new slave girl. This birthday tradition ended with the death of his mother when he was twenty years old and his harem held seven beautiful women.
Four years later his father died, and Sheik Ali inherited his fortune, the palace, lands, household, and of course, his father’s extensive harem. Ali sold off the women to eager buyers except for three younger girls whom he selected to keep for himself, swelling his harem to ten exceptionally beautiful nubile females all well versed in the arts of pleasing a man.





Here is a list of his slave girls (Hortensia, zahra, noszahra, and Topaz were acquired after his mother's death) and a short synopsis of where they came from:


His 14th birthday present. First slave of the harem. Visayan—known today as the Philippine Islands—and Chinese parentage. Pirate booty, first sold into a harem in Baghdad and later bought by the Master’s mother. Christian.

His 15th birthday present. Nubian, kohl black with gorgeous full breasts and buttocks. Captured by a raiding party from Upper Egypt. A Christian.

His 16th birthday present. From Aden—now known as The Yemen. Sold into slavery as punishment for an offense committed while a free girl in the service of the Sultana of Sana’a. Named after a flowering plant of the region.

His 17th birthday present. Asian from Zamboanga—a town in the Philippines. Indentured as a household servant by her unsuspecting parents. Catholic Christian. ay present. Asian from Zamboanga—a town in the Philippines. Indentured as a household servant by her unsuspecting parents. Catholic Christian.

His 18th birthday present. Deceased.

His 19th birthday present. English. Ran away to sea. Later sold by the captain to an Arab slave trader in Dublin Ireland. Named after a flower that grows wild in the Atlas Mountains.

His 20th birthday present. Fair hair and blue eyes. Name means “moist with dew”. Abducted from Northern Europe—Sweden. A Christian.

Sisters from Iberia (Spain or Portugal). Zahrah, from the word Zahra, means blooming flower. Almost identical in appearance. Christians.

Christian from Southern Ethiopia. Kohl black/brown. Named after a local flower.

Syrian. Sold into slavery by her uncle. Won by Sheik Ali as part of a wager. Named after the horse that won the race.

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