Branded Harem Girl

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From chapter 36 "Marked".

Do not be surprised at the practice of slave branding. It was just one of many violent and painful customs still in common use in these times. Women and girls had their flesh pierced with impunity in the name of beauty, baby boys circumcised in the name of God, eunuchs manufactured and slaves branded in the name of subjugation.

John Norman, in his novels of Gor and Gorean lore, makes frequent reference to slave branding, albeit in a science fiction setting. In Harem Girl, brief mention is made of branding as an integral part of earthly harem slavery, and outside of the harem as a common form of punishment.

From the chapter THE DARK ART
Slave branding irons

I pointed to the charcoal filled brazier and she told me that branding was a common form of punishment. Prisoners were tortured by branding to extract information and confessions, and criminals and traitors sought relief in execution, after willful branding that gained nothing more than a thrill for cruel executioners.
Skillfully crafted from fine silver, the branding tool in the erga mercifully left a small clear impression that soon healed, unlike the deep scar left by the crude heavy irons used on men and animals. Bed-slaves wore their mark on their breast, buttock or thigh; work slaves carried them on their upper arm or shoulder.

Yasmeen recounted her early experiences in the Grand Vizier’s harem, the harem of a cruel man indifferent to the sufferings of others. She was a young innocent virgin when given to the Vizier, and shortly thereafter, he marked her with a hot iron on one of her buttock cheeks, and made her a lowly joy-girl. Such were his ways. Although taken to his bed often, it was almost a year later, when some new arrivals took his attention, that one of the Vizier’s sons deflowered her.

Slave brand of harem girl

Branding of slaves, girls, women and men, was a common practice. This image shows the pubic brand of a harem sex slave.