Harem Bath Bas-Reliefs

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From Harem Girl chapter "The Bedchamber".

On the opposite side, despite the Holy Qur’an forbidding illustration of the human form, carved bas-reliefs depicted nude women posed in suggestive ways. These bas-reliefs formed the backdrop to a small sunken bath in which a submerged marble shelf served as a seat. Cakes of soap, sponges and vials of oils and perfumes in ornate bottles, arranged around the edge, were in easy reach of the bathers. Wisps of mist floated over the surface of the water and I later learned that burning charcoal cleverly heated the bath from below, which explained this mist.
If you are from a more temperate country, you may be surprised to learn of a heated bath in a hot desert climate, but here days could be stifling hot, and after sundown, a determined chill could set in, often accompanied by a cool sea breeze. A private bath, never mind a heated bath, was the epitome of luxury. I had never before seen so much water in a household, reflecting pools and private baths were uncommon, and by any measure an expression of extreme wealth.


Erotic carvings around the private bath.

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