Harem Chain Bra

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Sexy body jewelry was an important part of harem dress and was used to enhance the harem costume.

Arm bangles, ankle chains, earrings, headbands and tikkis, nipple shields, tassels, belly brilliants, belled bracelets and various breast supports made for a fine set of exciting and alluring accessories to choose from.
My nipples proved full enough that by teasing them through a small ring, I, too, could wear breast jewelry without help from Mustafa’s needle. Piercing held breast jewelry in place for the less fortunate with small or short nipples, and if deemed necessary, a painful needling from Mustafa had to be accepted.
A dab of spirit gum held belly brilliants in place or small jewels to the forehead. Glittering bindi appliqués were also gummed in place—often in places unimagined by me even in my wildest young girl fantasies.

At the time of the novel the bra as we know it today had not been “invented” by Western civilization. A literal translation of her Arabic words used to describe the type of bra they wore would be "breast bridle.

Chain body jewelry, hip belts, bras, and nipple jewelry was part of the harem costume of harem girls.