The Chosen One - Harem Bed Slave

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Chosen Bed Slave Girl

A bed slave was selected as a night companion for the sheik after his girls had belly danced and cavorted before him.

This is sapphira's first night in the harem and she is fortunate to have arrived in time to join celebration of the sheik's birthday. Here she sees for the first time bejeweled pierced nipples, slave girls seductively dancing, and the choosing of a bed slave.

This is what sapphira had to say:

As I gazed into the room from my vantage point, an undeniable scene from the Arabian Nights unfolded before my eyes. I was enthralled. Here was a gathering of houri, each hanging on every word and gesture of a handsome and authoritative man, waiting for his commands, and eager to please. Two bare breasted girls sat on the floor, one on each side of him, leaning lightly against his legs. Possibly twins, Possibly twins, certainly related—my cynical mind thinking, “matched pair of bookends.”
Rings and dangling jewels graced nipples and ears, dark eyes flashed beneath gold sprinkled eyelids, necklaces swung about elegant necks. Taut bellies held brilliants tightly, and ankle bells and bracelets tinkled their beguiling tune. Sparkling bindi spaced along eye-lines gave shape and size to the eyes, with a line curving back from the corners adding an exotic Cleopatra look…and I saw the glitter of bindi in other places, places where I never expected to see the glitter of jewels.
Colorful sheer cholis and short sheer skirts, proudly worn and parted with deliberate carelessness, replaced the afternoon dress of harem pants and thickly embroidered cholis that I had earlier seen the women wearing in the courtyard. Now, loose diaphanous cholis cascaded over hazily outlined breasts, their draped smoothness disturbed only by the thrust of protruding nipples, and anyone with more than half an eye could see that nothing but woman was under the sheer skirts.

The picture is from an old French postcard considered very risque at the time.