El Harem - The Sultan's Harem Bed

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A recent painting of harem girls reclining on a Sultan's harem bed.

The dower looking woman at the Sultan's side could be a jealous wife reluctantly looking on while her husband chooses another woman for his pleasures. Multiple wives and concubines was a constant source of jealousy and feuds in harems, often leading to deaths by poisoning of competitors, favorites, and their male children.

Although the story Harem Girl is set in an Arabian sheik's harem, not a Sultan's harem, conditions for similar rivalries existed.


El Harem

A harem bed scene to feed western fantasies showing sex slaves reclining on a harem bed in view of the sheik or Sultan.

The painting of a Sultan's harem is - El Harem - by the Mexican artist Angel Martin. www.angelmartin.com/galeria5.htm