Restrained for Punishment

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Waiting for Harem Punishment

This is from the painting "Before Punishment" by Ferencz-Franz Eisenhut (1857-1903)

What had the girls done to deserve punishment? It is your guess. The heavy wooden ankle stocks are also featured in another of Eisenhut's paintings suggesting that they were a commonly used restraining device. In the book Harem Girl one girl relates her story of a similar situation:

“The Vizier was taking me from behind when he stumbled and unexpectedly thrust painfully deep. My head and shoulders reared upwards and the back of my head banged into his face, abruptly ending his pleasure with a splash of blood from his nose, and a spilling of his seed. For that, he ordered me whipped and caned across my breasts and buttocks.
“In the erga, before the other slave girls of the harem—they were commanded to watch all punishments—I knelt on the hard stone floor with my skirt raised around my waist exposing my buttocks to the cane. The Vizier gave me five strokes, after which his first wife, a jealous and spiteful woman, dispensed the remaining measured strokes. She then stripped away my upper garments and made me lie back over a low padded foot stool and four girls held firm my outstretched arms and legs. Nine times she brought a whip down across my uplifted breasts, while the Vizier watched from the comfort of a chair, with a girl between his legs. For him inflicting pain was a source of arousing entertainment.”