Hortensia's Sexy Nipple Rings

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Sexy Nipple Rings for Sexy Breasts

In Sheikh Ali's harem, Topaz is a new slave girl, one we would call today a precocious teenager, and annoying to the older more mature harem women and girls .

Topaz wanted her nipples pierced. Yasmeen said no, reasoning that she was too young and her nipples too small. Topaz complained, saying that was the reason she needed it done, so she could wear Hortensia’s jewelry.
“Only Hortensia can wear jewelry the way she does. You don’t have her shape.”
“Far from it,” I interjected.
“That doesn’t bother me. I want to try it,” said a defiant Topaz.
“You are too young, wait awhile,” advised Yasmeen, kindly

Nipple jewelry, tassels, rings and shields, often required pierced nipples to hold them in place - something the eunuchs would do for the harem girls in their pursuit of sexy nipples and sexy breasts.

After I read the chapter about Topaz’s piercing, she told me that she too had considered it once in the years when many French women were swept up by the “anneaux de sein” (bosom ring) vogue. “Like you, I could not bring myself to do it,” she told me.

In Anatomy and Destiny (Bobbs-Merrill, 1974, p. 97), Stephen Kern explains that: "In the late 1890s the “bosom ring” came into fashion and sold in expensive Parisian jewelry shops. These “anneaux de sein” were inserted through the nipple, and some women wore one on either side linked with a delicate chain. The rings enlarged the breasts and kept them in a state of constant excitation…. The medical community was outraged by these cosmetic procedures, for represented a rejection of traditional conceptions of the purpose of a woman's body."

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