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Harem Girl Book CoverHarem Girl Review
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1001 Arabian Nights1001 Arabian Nights
An illustration from Chapter 1 of Harem Girl depicting sex between a master and a harem slave girl.




Brazilian Bikini Waxing PhotoBrazilian Bikini Waxing in the Harem
Brazilian waxing of harem girls? Well not exactly, at least not by that name. In the harem, removal of unwanted body hair was known as smoothing and was done by plucking, waxing, or sugaring. Read about the experience of one slave girl in Chapter 5 of Harem Girl.

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How and why of bikini waxing: Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Harem Girl Picture GalleryHarem Picture Gallery
A collection of pictures depicting harem scenes. Some are from orientalist paintings, others from more recent illustrations. From this page you can search the full site.




Harem Room InteriorHarem Room
What did the interior of a harem room look like? Chapter 6 of Harem Girl describes both the rooms the girls slept when not called to the master's bedchamber and the master's bedchamber.


Erotic Carvings around a Harem BathHarem Courtyard
Another link to Chapter 6.
Harem girls and women spent their days, and possibly their whole lives, within the four walls of the harem courtyard. Here they whiled away time with idle talk and gossip, played simple games, bathed, applied cosmetics, and readied themselves for the evening when they would be in the presence of the master. A quiet sanctum for the free, a guilded prison for the enslaved.
It was here that rivalries were formed and evil plots hatched against rivals.

Erotic Carvings around a Harem BathBas - Relief Carvings
Bas-relief is a method of sculpting which entails carving away the surface of a flat piece of stone to give a shallow 3D picture-like image. The ones shown here surrounded a harem bath - reminding the bathers of what could be expected from them after bathing.


Harem LiteroticaHarem Girl Literotica
Literotica, the registered trade mark of, a fusion of literature and erotica.




Harem marraige bedShow me the ways
A young woman readies herself for her wedding night