1001 Arabian Nights - Sultan and Slave

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Reference to 1001 Arabian Nights is made several times in the journal Sapphira keeps, which later becomes Saalih's book Harem Girl. It is of course the story Thousand Nights and a Night, the story that immortalized the story telling power of the harem girl Scheherazade or Shahrazad.

Sultan and Slave on a Harem BedWhile helping her mother with household chores Sapphira finds a copy of the book Arabian Nights in her mother's bedroom, open at a colorful illustration that stirs the imagination of her and her adolescent friend.

A Sultan has his way with one of his harem girls in this picture from 1001 Arabian Nights. Later in the book, when Sapphira is installed in the harem of Sheik Ali she writes:

1001 Arabian Nights was written/translated by Richard Burton (the explorer not the actor) in 1888.