New Slave for the Sheik's Harem

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After bathing and perfuming, Sapphira is presented to her new master as a new slave and made to stand naked before him.

New Slave

Sapphira is to be instructed by the eunuchs in the 'ways' of the harem which she is told are more varied than those of the marriage bed, more set to the master's likings than to those of a wife.

Quote from the book:

I stood unmoving before him, bashful and restrained.
Mustafa, the chief eunuch, interpreted my hesitation to obey as shyness, and quickly explained to the sheik.
“If that is the cause, some help is required. Talil will encourage you,” he said.
He had no sooner spoken than the second eunuch rose to his feet, a whip in hand.