Harem Girl with Nipple Tassels

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Nipple Tassels
Sexy nipple tassels requiring an unusual vertical piercing to hold them in place.

Much attention was paid to the nipples. Rouge, henna and jewelry were all part of the art of creating sexy nipples. The picture above is somewhat unusual as it shows her piercing is vertical rather than the usual horizontal. Either way, the purpose and function was the same—to hold jewelry in place to further the quest for sexy nipples.

My nipples proved full enough that by teasing them through a small ring, I, too, could wear breast jewelry without having them pierced. Piercing held breast jewelry in place for the less fortunate with small or short nipples, and if decreed, this painful procedure had to be accepted.
A dab of spirit gum held a belly brilliant in place or a small jewel to the forehead. Glittering bindi appliqués were also gummed in place—often in places unimagined by me even in my wildest young girl fantasies.