Romantic Harem Costume - Midnight at the Oasis

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Here is a little bit of desert sheik romance from the book Harem Girl. The painting of a Harem Girl is by Gene Pressler (1927) titled Sweet Rose of Araby

Rose of Araby Slave Girl

Sapphira decides to take her master, Sheik Ali, to the source of the desert oasis waters (the guelta). Ali is unaware that the guelta was the scene of a romantic encounter of the evening before with a good friend of Sheik Ali, something she chooses not to tell him.
She dresses seductively for a night of desert romance.

With the passing hours of the day, our minds healed, and what had assumed gigantic and awkward proportions now shrank to forgettable insignificance. That evening I took Ali to the guelta, the “source of the waters”. We bathed and sat together on the flat rocks, which were still warm from the heat of the day, our pleasant reverie interrupted by brief and pleasant conversation—to me nothing more than that—until Ali turned and looked at me intently. “Something unseen is drawing me to your company. I feel lightened and without concerns when I am with you,” he whispered, as he turned and lifted my face to his.
I closed my eyes in confident expectation.
“I think I am in…in…the mood to take you back to the tent and continue this evening in my bed.”
“You can say it Ali. It is not an admission of guilt. It is not a sin to love a woman and tell her so,” I thought to myself, and wanted to tell him, but didn't.

As we walked “home” another incident sparked a small hope within me—Ali pulled me closer to walk by his side and “not back there like a slave.”
“But I am your slave, Master.”
“Well, when we are out walking together I deem you are not.”
“Thank you, Sire,” I replied, deliberately dropping the word master.

A man, I believe, may be content with passion without love, but not a woman.
I desperately wanted him to know me, to love me, and tell me that he loved me.