Pleasuring the Sheik

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Quote:Pleasuring the sheikh

Sitting down on the divan, he untied his caftan and leaned back against the backrest, beckoning me to lay down naked beside him and cradle my face in his lap. Arousal flickered within me, and encouraged by his gentle words and caressing, I eagerly brought about what he sought. As he turned to leave, he encouraged me to continue my writings and left with welcomed words. “I will call you tonight.”





An ugly old sheik is given the services of a young harem girl in the harem painting shown. Unfortunately, for the girl that is, most men of wealth who could afford to own young slave girls were elderly and unattractive. In the main, young men had to wait out the years to inherit wealth from the family patriarch before building their harems. Sheikh Ali's parents died when he was relatively young so Sapphira at least had the satisfaction that could come from serving a young, virile, and handsome man.