Arabian Slave Auction - Asian Girl with Braid

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From Chapter 26 - "Slave Market", where Sapphira is taken to watch a slave auction and sees girls offered for sale, one of which she had known earlier as a "Pearl of Allah" ( female virgin ).

Arabian Slave Auction
Under the watchful eye of the slave trader seven women were brought forth from a small tent and encouraged, by sight of the short whip in his hand, to mount the steps leading up to the platform. Hesitatingly, they lined up in a row at the rear of the platform, in the shade of a canvas canopy, with their backs to the crowd. A bell sounded. One by one, the auctioneer worked his way along the row of captive women, pulling their garments off their shoulders and down to their waists. Three crimson welts on her back identified one as the girl we had seen earlier in the souk. At the snap of his whip against the platform and a shouted command, the women turned to face the crowd, bared breasts catching the sunlight and the lustful gaze of the crowd. With shouted encouragement from those watching, he walked behind them, teasingly lowering their garments to their feet until they all stood naked before the buyers.





Naked slave girl displayed for sale at an Arabian slave auction.