Another White Slave for Sale

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Slave for sale

A white slave girl is stripped for appraisal by a desert sheik.

White slaves in Arabian harems was a common finding. White slaves, particularly white female slaves, were much sought after and commanded high prices at slave auctions, five to ten times that of male slaves, and so much so that only the most wealthy could afford them.
White slavery was a profitable business not only from the sale of slaves but also from ransoms extracted from wealthy families for the return of captured family members.
Pirate raids, abductions, and talk of dark skinned slavers roaming the European countryside looking for hapless women and girls was held out as a great threat by mothers to errant daughters.

How real was the threat of abduction?
I received this email from a reader in New Zealand:

"Fantastic book.... It is a prized book of mine and very arousing.
A great sequel story could be written about the  slaves, including european, who were captured off the Southern coast of Saudi Arabia & Yemen. Many were sold into the households of modest merchants and traders and their surroundings were not exotic like Ali's . Those who appeared attractive were used sexually on a frequent and varied basis. This information has been handed down through my family following the capture of one of my grandmother's great aunts, circa 1835, on her way to join her army family in India. She later was able to return to UK where she was treated with great embarrassment by the wider family (and great interest by the males). I found the tidbits my Grandmother told me very arousing too !


Bill Eames

And Shamir S. writes November 2006 from California
I am an Iranian Assyrian wife. My grandmother was a circassian slave girl who was abducted by Kurds on her wedding day and taken to Tabriz where she was stripped naked and sold to a minor Persian nobleman, an older man with five wives. He raped and sodomized her on the way to Kermenshal. On the way he branded her with his sign. Six months later my grandfather found her and took her away by force...