The New Harem Girl showing her Charms

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Harem Slave Topaz
Invitingly lewd display by a young harem girl to attract the master's attention.

Gorgeous picture of a young slave girl, in a seductive pose, waiting for the harem master to come through the archway.

Topaz has become a source of great amusement to us all. She is so supple and athletic. Acrobatics come easily to her young body. She practices most days, walking on her hands, tumbling, doing back bends, handsprings, and cartwheels.
Topaz took naturally to seducing the Master. She enjoyed this essence of femininity—the excitement a woman gets from engaging the lust of a man, and arousing his desire for her. No one had to teach her, but she lacked finesse. One of her favorite seductions was to wear a long loose-fitting abaya and do cartwheels across the floor. The speed of her turning flung the abaya outward, not allowing it to fall down, until she stopped before the Master, with her hands on the floor and legs in the air. The abaya then floated down and off over her head and arms, showing her all. Or she would stand with her back to Ali and bend over backwards until her hands touched the floor—pausing for him to survey her offerings—before flipping her legs over so that she stood on her hands with her feet resting against his shoulders. Her slowly spreading legs left no doubt in anyone’s mind as to her desires. It was the tease of a young girl newly aware of the affect her body could have on a man, I recognized it, this realization all girls come to have. It was a rite of passage from girl to woman, but she was yet unaware of the subtleties required for seduction. I thought the spreading was lewd; it was too much—too overt. This part of a woman was better given to a man’s eyes in short glimpses—a fluttering skirt briefly lifted, a robe carelessly parted, or revealed seductively by a slowly lowered waistband. Better shown through a haze of gossamer silk by gentle candlelight after his ardor had been aroused, not thrust before his eyes in a crowded room. Yes, Ali was entertained, amused and titillated, but he was not seduced.