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                                                                                                We Didn't Do It  2000

We Didn't Do It

We Didn't Do It 2 I have deliberately left the subject of
the denial unnamed in this piece hoping that it will directly call to mind the
visceral cringe of having been caught
at something and the self-protective
reflex of denial.

Je laisse délibérément le sujet du reniement non-prononcé dans cette oeuvre, en espérant qu’il rappellera directement le réflexe auto-protecteur
du démenti.

                   Me Neither I Didn't Do It  2003

Me Neither I Didn't Do It

        Singled off from the rest, this panicky bunny has been caught at
        the scene of the crime,
with goo dripping off its paws as proof.

        Sur les talons de Nous ne l’avons pas fait, ce lapin est mise à l’écart
        des autres. On trouve la preuves de ses initiatives sous les pattes.