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We Didn't Do It
Me neither I didn't do it

Damage Control

Systema Ptolemaicum
The Almagest

Thesis Exhibition
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Artist Statement
Démarche artistique

                                                                                               Thesis Exhibition  1991

Some Vital Principle
                                                                                                                                                    Some Vital Principle  1990    

“It was as if the nutrition of the plant was controlled by its soul or vital principle; that it would
absorb only what was beneficial to its development.” (Aristotle)

"C'était comme si la nourriture des plantes était reglée par son âme ou principe vital: qu'elles absorberaient seulement ce qui était bénéfique à leur développement." (Aristote)

Remplissage Unique
                                                                                                                                              Remplissage Unique 1991

Remplissage Unique 2
                                                                     Remplissage Unique (detail)

played in a dance orchestra
smelled of floral perfume
didn’t approve of the Métis boy
sang duets with Elvis
prays to God for money
thrills at the sight of birds
is an expert seamstress and has good taste too
takes literature seriously
is missing fingers on both hands
searches the forest for wild mushrooms in June
has interests to pass the time
never cared about cholesterol
had blond hair but it changed to dark brown over the years
came to Canada during their retirement but never felt right here and went back


                                                                                                                        Beehive  1990

                                                                                pencil *sleeping*bathtub  1990


                                                                                              pencil *sleeping*bathtub  (detail)