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Soapstone carving, soapstone sculpture, art and the artist:

Jim Cosgrove is a self taught and seasoned sculptor/carver who produces this artwork in Ontario, Canada. This web site and sculptures on consignment in beautiful Tobermory Ontario are some of the outlets for his fine presentations to the public. 

Jim has worked with welding, metal sculpting, forming and casting of metals, wood carving, sculpting and carving in soapstone. Having produced various pieces in metal, stone and wood, he concentrates his efforts into working with soapstone, alabaster and serpentine. Retired from the Mechanical Engineering field, the geometric and free forms possible in this medium are of special interest to an artist who enjoys putting his heart and soul into his work.

By spending the time to thoroughly research his carving subjects, Jim ensures that clients will obtain some important background with their purchase. 
Jim's Scottish/French/Native ancestry and his love of wildlife are reflected in these fine carvings and sculptures. 

A.K.A. VA3OS or VE3JJI,  Jim is also an Amateur Radio operator (Ham), a much cherished and long-time hobby which fills in the idle hours when he is taking a break from sculpting, carving, teaching his grandchildren about fishing and generally making a lot of dust outside. See Jim's answer to art in amateur radio in the 'CW keys' page.

Jim's goal is to produce affordable, collector quality art, making it available direct to the public.
As well as doing the sculpting and carving, Jim also maintains this web site, answers questions related to the care and repair of soapstone carvings and sculptures and still ensures that time is made available to give each client the personal attention they deserve.

Your commissioned work is always a priority!

"Ce'ad Mi'le Fa'ilte
100,000 Welcomes"

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Attention collectors

The piece you may have in your collection may not be  a soapstone carving. It may be a copy, merely a resin/stone mix casting made from a mold (by the thousands) and not of much value. Pieces which are labeled as 'A genuine Wolf Original' or have the initials 'WE' somewhere on them are NOT SOAPSTONE, they are castings made from a resin and ground stone mix and are worthless.

A simple test to determine if it is a form of resin or plastic is to scrape some material from the bottom of the piece. Soapstone produces a fine, slippery, talc like, whitesh powder. If your piece produces a gritty, sand like substance it definitely is NOT soapstone and unfortunately, you may have a fake carving. 

If you wish to get a quotation on replacing your resin copy with a real soapstone piece then please send me a photo and a description of it in an e-mail.


You are presented here with very unique pieces of Canadian art, hand made by an artist experienced in the arts of sculpture, casting and carving.

Each piece of work you see here will forever be a one-of-a-kind soapstone sculpture. This is due to the ever changing artistic mix and mood of both the carver and the stone; a one time combination,  very difficult if not impossible to be repeated.

From the very smooth curves and lines of a sculpture such as a whale, the rustic look of the timber wolf and the spiritual healing intended to come from an Inukshuk or Celtic cross or even the mystic presence of  an Owl, the selection of a particular piece of soapstone for a carving is usually determined by what is 'seen' waiting to be released from within the stone. And yet at other times by the stone's hues and character. Only when subject and soapstone are matched, the cutting, the carving done and then the finishing selected and completed will the stone and subject finally become one.
Most clients request that their sculptures and carvings be 'named' and this is usually done as the piece is being completed. The weather, the stone, the colours or the character released can determine the naming as might a comment from a customer.

* These soapstone sculptures are all coffee table sized, making a truly impressive display in your home, office or as a beautiful compliment to your soapstone stove or soapstone countertop.

* Soapstone carvings and sculptures make highly treasured gifts for any occasion.

* As a corporate gift presented to your customers, vendors or valued employees, a soapstone sculpture or carving becomes a message conveying the company's dependence on teamwork and quality.

* Consider a Canadian soapstone carving as an executive gift, employee reward, token of appreciation to your major clients or as a truly wonderful Canadian gift for a foreign visitor.

* Select a carving or sculpture as an item for a fund raising raffle;  it will certainly increase ticket sales for your group or service organization.

* Purchase a carving as a souvenir and reminder of your stay in Canada.

The Inukshuk and Celtic Cross are each a very powerful symbol.

soapstone Inukshuksoapstone celtic cross

Each item you will see on this web site has been painstakingly hand sculpted from a single piece of stone.
No glue is used and therefore there are absolutely no joints to come apart.
These are all original soapstone carvings not castings or faux stone replicas.
Each carving and sculpture is unique, both in design and finish, greatly adding to its value.
Only select stone is used with fine quality waxes applied, giving them a very professional and lasting finish.

 * Each work will be personally signed and dated by the artist*
Certificates of authenticity are available on request.

Preferred Payment methods
* Interact, internet banking money transfer
* Canadian or International Money Order
* Paypal

Sorry, Credit cards are not accepted. 


Personal Currency Assistant

= 1 inch equals 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm =

International shipping is available

Shipping and handling costs are not included in the listed prices.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all commissioned work

Unless noted otherwise, all prices shown are in Canadian funds.
HST will be applied to all Ontario purchases. 

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Or do you have an idea you would like to see done in stone?

It is waiting patiently be freed upon your wish.

Send Jim a request.