In April 2002, during a very tragic incident, four of our Canadian Forces soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

  Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer, 24 of Montreal, Quebec
  Pte. Nathan Smith, 26 of Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia
  Sgt. Marc Leger, 29 of Lancaster, Ontario
  Pte. Richard Green, 21 of Mill Cove, Nova Scotia

     Eight soldiers, also of the Canadian 3PPCLI were injured.

  Their comrades, before returning to Canada, constructed an Inukshuk at the Kandahar airport as a tribute and lasting monument to these brave young men.

Inukshuk 6" tallInukshuk 6" tallInukshuk 6" tallInukshuk  6" tall

During a ceremony in Canada,  Jim was given the honour of presenting four hand carved soapstone Inuksuit to the families of these fallen heroes.
Since becoming an Honorary Associate Member of the PPCLI Association of South Western Ontario, Jim felt the need to donate a sculpted stone replica
of the Inukshuk in Kandahar to the men and women of 3PPCLI and sent it to Regimental Headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

On the left and right are photographs of the Inukshuk built at the Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan, in the centre is the replica sculpture which is now at 3PPCLI Headquarters in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

" Thanks to the encouragement and approval of LCOL M.J. Beaudette, Commanding Officer PPCLI  and to 3PPCLI  RSM Al Comeau  for supplying these photgraphs taken in Kandahar. And a special thanks to Sgt Al McNamara for his support and to the very special people in the PPCLI Association."
Jim Cosgrove

This page is dedicated to all Canadian Peacekeepers, past and present.
Bless them all....

The Government of Canada declared 2005 the Year of the Veteran.

Throughout the year, Canadians  celebrated, honoured, remembered, and taught our youth about the contributions and sacrifice of our veterans.

Every year is an important year to honour veterans and their service and 2005 was especially meaningful because it marked the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Remember to celebrate your freedom and most importantly;
thank a Veteran for it!




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